Student Union Board

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Student Activities Center

Contact Info

To contact Student Union Board:

1530 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50011

Student Contacts

Sarah Heller 
Vice President of Administration
Hannah Walton
Vice President of Finance
Maggie Hemken
Marketing Co-Directors
Natalie Gaydar
Austin Goode
Cyclone Cinema Co-Directors
Diego Bonilla
Karlie Nelson
Maintenance Shop Co-Directors
Mackenzie Coberley
Angela Chamberlain
Multicultural Awareness Co-Directors
Renee Anderson
Ricardo Gomez
National Events Director
Hayly Smith
Performing Arts Co-Directors
Kellie Koren
Tad Beekman
Special Events Co-Directors
Summer Bontrager
Wai Lin Ng
Varieties Director
Jess Self

Adviser Contacts:

George Micalone
Director of Student Activities

Jim Brockpahler
Entertainment Programs Coordinator

Marcus Cottrell
Graduate Assistant

Randi Beggs
Graduate Assistant


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