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National Events Committee Application

Deadline to apply is February 9 by noon. Below is a description of the duties for each position. Note that all positions will also assist in marketing efforts. Term is Spring 2017 with the option to extend if mutually decided by committee member and National Events Director.



  • Work closely with VP of Finance to acquire hospitality items for events 

  • Help coordinate meals and hospitality items throughout the day for the artist(s)

  • Help research and acquire gifts for performers


Marketing Coordinators (2-6)

  • Develop and implement new and creative ways to market each show

  • Find ways to reach out to Iowa State students, Ames communitity and surrounding communities

  • Be present at SUB tabling times and coordinate volunteers to do Greek Dinner Announcements as well as other marketing efforts

Logistics Coordinator

  • Serve as on site liaison with sound and lights company

  • Help give direction to students working load-in and load-out
  • Assist with stage changeovers during concerts

Volunteers Coordinator

  • Assist director with determining volunteer assignments

  • Assist with communication to volunteers

  • Oversee volunteers during events by coordinating check-in and out process

  • Help designate jobs during day of show such as ticketing, wrist-banding, etc.

  • Regularly check on volunteers and switch out/give breaks when necessary day of show


Merch Coordinator

  • Work with tour merchandise managers to help sell merchandise during shows

  • At Hansen events, coordinate volunteers to help sell water inside the venue

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