Apply to be SUB President, VP or Director - Student Union Board

Apply to be SUB President, VP or Director

The SUB Executive Board meetings are Tuesday evenings at 5:00pm, General Meetings are bi-weekly at 5:00pm on Wednesdays. This position will be for a full calendar year – January-December 2015 with a transitional period in November-December 2014.

Fifteen positions on the SUB Executive Board are available including the following: 
  • President
    Run executive board meetings, oversee office space, liaison with university administration, serve on MU Board of Directors
  • Vice President for Administration
    Member recruitment, retention and recognition, executive meeting minutes, run biweekly general meeting
  • Vice President for Public Relations 
    Promote individual events and SUB as a whole, most specifically through social media like Facebook & Twitter. Manage SUB website.
  • Vice President for Finance 
    Keep track of overall budget and help advise in monetary decisions.
  • Cyclone Cinema (1-2)
    Screen mainstream Hollywood movies for campus viewing in Carver 101. Other movie related events as proposed.
  • Maintenance Shop (1-2)
    Select and book bands to play Iowa State’s own live music venue. 
  • Multicultural Awareness (1-2)
    Develop programs for ISU’s diverse population including events like Tibetan Monks and Global Gala. Present programs that help students develop leadership, community, and self-awareness.
  •  National Events
     Plan nationally touring and recognizable music and comedy events in larger venues.
  • Performing Arts (1-2)
    Present Open Mic Nights, comedy acts such as Grandma Mojo’s & nationally touring comedians.
  • Specials Events
    Host magicians, hypnotists and headlining entertainment primarily during ISU AfterDark. Plan annual Project Runway competition and Down & Dirty Swing Dance.
  • Varieties
    Produce student talent competition celebrating over 80 years.



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