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Members of the Month

Every month the SUB Executive Board votes for a general member to be the Member of the Month. The individuals who are voted as Member of the Month are dedicated, hard-working individuals who have a positive attitude. They go above and beyond when asked to do something, and they are usually the first ones to step up and help out at events. We would like to recognize these individuals and thank them for all the time they have spent making Student Union Board the best it can be. Each of these individuals receives a pair of SUB socks to show our appreciation for their hard work. 


Merlyn Penado:
Committees you work with: I'm highly involved with M-Shop events and Performing Arts.
What do you enjoy most about SUB? I've enjoyed getting to know all the amazing people in SUB!
Why did you get involved in SUB? A friend recommended volunteering for SUB and FREE concerts seemed too good to pass up!
What do you like to do in your spare time? In my free time I love listening to music, drinking large amounts of coffee, watching movies, and reading a great book outside.


Sarah Heller:
Committees you work with: I work with Cyclone Cinema and Performing Arts for the most part, but I enjoy and appreciate all the other great committees as well!
What do you enjoy most about being in SUB? I love the laid back atmosphere and super cool people I've met. 
Why did you get involved in SUB? I got involved with SUB to meet new friends and to live vicariously through talented people. 
What do you like to do in your spare time? I like watching thought-provoking/tear-jerking movies, eating everything, and hanging out with my puppy. 



Alicia Wagner:
Committees you work with: M-shop, National Events, Performing Arts, Cyclone Cinema, Special Events

What do you enjoy most about being in SUB?: I enjoy all the new people that I have met and become friends with, as well as all of the awesome opportunities that SUB has presented me with. 

What do you like to Do in your spare time?: In my spare time I go to concerts, hang out with my friends, nap, and be outdoors. 

Hannah Walton:
Committees you work with: Performing Arts, Marketing, Maintenance Shop, Special Events, National Events, Cyclone Cinema
What do you enjoy most about being in SUB?: I love being able to hang out with other members who have a passion for SUB at all the different events. 
Why did you get involved in SUB?: Mainly because my major is event management but who doesn't want to see free concerts and hang out with some rad people?
What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy reading, crocheting, sewing, concerts

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