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2017 Mini Musical Descriptions

Pairing A: Most Valuable Legends

Tanner and his two friends, Chad and Brad are standing in the hallways, talking about sports practices. Liz, a girl, says to them that she wants to try out for the team. Tanner, the jock, tells her that girls can’t play sports and she should sticks to what she knows. The teacher stops him, saying that she can do whatever she wants. The teacher claps the erasers together and they are sent back through time meeting sports legends like Babe Ruth, Billie Jean King, and David Beckham. Tanner and Liz both realize that women within sports is not something that is surprising. It’s instead something that inspires millions of women around the world.

Pairing B: Two Worlds Combined

In a spin off of Freaky Friday, We are going to combine Harry Potter and the Breakfast Club. As the students at Shermer High School prepare for another Saturday detention, three precocious students, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, are practicing a new transportation spell, but are disappointed when the spell doesn’t seem to work. Two of the students in detention, Bender and Claire, are skipping out on hanging in the library, and are walking down the hallways filled with lockers. When they see a locker emitting a strange light, they decide to check it out, and are magically transported to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The two find themselves in a brand new place, and instead of going back to detention, they both begin to explore! As they leave, Ron and Harry come around the corner to look for Ron’s rat, scabbers. When they see that Hermoine’s transportation spells she was practicing opened a door to somewhere else, the two inquisitive wizards step through into Shermer high school! After they get through, the doorway closes and both Ron and Harry, and Claire and Bender, find themselves stuck in the wrong world with no way back. They explore and work on finding a way back, but with no luck.

Pairing C: Back Through the Legends

Marty McCy is a teenage boy who isn’t in tune with the music legends of the past, and relies on the help of his new friend Doc to show him the way. Doc takes Marty on an adventure in his time traveling car, as they visit decades of the past to watch some of the greatest legends of each decade. Along their travels the time machine starts to have issues and sends the duo to the wrong decade. It’s up to Doc to determine which decade they wound up in. Throughout the skit the two find a deeper appreciation for these music icons. These music legends travel along with the duo to all of the other decades to see how their music has influenced modern groups/artists.

Pairing D: Theo: Legend in Progress

Sick with grief over losing his wife Maya to Hades, Theo has all but lost hope of ever getting her back. What can a mere mortal do against a God? He is about to give up when Hermes happens upon him. Determined to help his new friend, Hermes takes Theo on a journey to Mount Olympus and beyond to rescue his true love. Our duo meets several legends along the way, some more helpful than others. Zeus and Poseidon want nothing to do with the puny human. Aphrodite is more than happy to cure Theo’s heartbreak, but not exactly in the way Hermes had in mind. Finally, Ares and Athena take his pleas to heart and help prepare him for the battle to come. When Theo must face Hades, will he have the courage to defeat him and save Maya? Follow us on our journey of perseverance, love, and courage and watch as the Legend of Theo is born.

Pairing E: Villains InCorpseOrated

Our legendary narrator begins by introducing Dracula as a villain at the company Villains InCorspeOrated. Dracula, who is caught in an identity crisis, can’t decide whether he wants to be evil or wants to quit his job and start new. Along the way to one of his jobs, he meets Medusa, the Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook, who teach him who he wants to be. Through a twist in events, it is revealed that the narrator may be controlling the story more than anyone suspected.

Pairing F: Not a Fairytale

Fairytale University is a magical place where Princesses, Princes, Sidekicks, and Villains alike all go to learn how to become the character of their dreams, each trying to leave their mark. Every college has a purpose, and every character has a role. Sidekicks cling to their Princes, and Princes cling to their Princesses. Everyone has a place. That is… until Annie enrolls. Annie is different than all the other princesses; she succumbs to a forbidden love. All her classmates are trying to tell her how to act, who to be, and most of all how to trick a prince into marrying her. This is all very overwhelming to Annie and she finds comfort in someone she probably shouldn’t have. The lines of right and wrong become blurred and Annie doesn’t know what to do. These characters will take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions from love, to loss, to hope, and frustration. The skit will explore values of social normalities, love, and second chances. We hope you will join us on this adventure through Fairytale University. 

Pairing G: Night at the Museum

Like in the movie Night at the Museum, a new night guard is being trained for his first night in the museum. When they shut it down for the night, all the exhibits come to life due to a magical item in the museum. The villain is a one-hit-wonder, Vanilla Ice, that escapes from the new One-Hit-Wonder exhibit and steals the magical item from its enclosure. Oh no! The new security guard on duty then works with the legends in the museum that have come to life to help stop the villain and to return the magical item back to its case before dawn.

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