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2016-2017 Varieties Committee


Jessica Self

  • Serve as an Executive Member of Student Union Board completing all requirements of this organization in addition to all Varieties activity 

  • Oversee the Varieties Committee in the execution of all aspects of Varieties 2017

  • Select all members of the Varieties Committee and hold members accountable for the completion of all responsibilities associated 

  • Communicate expectations and policies to Varieties Committee members & pairings and lead all Varieties Committee Meetings and Co-Chair Meetings 


Assistant Director

Alyssa Klahsen (Varieties 2018 Director)

  • Assist the director in the organization and operation of Varieties Committee

  • Work with the Technical Coordinator in overseeing the Stage, Spotlight, and Sound Coordinators

Public Relations Coordinators

Jesslyn Carroll, Kami Miller, Megan Van Kirk

  • Responsible for the overall outward appearance and presence of Varieties to the Iowa State, Ames, and surrounding communities

  • Develop press releases for distribution to local media outlets

  • Work with MU Graphics to design promotional materials

  • Find ways to reach out to the Ames community through free media outlets

  • Focus on social networking aspects of public relations (i.e. facebook, twitter, instargam, and snapchat)


Dramatics Coordinators

Emily Costa, Kate Holtkamp, Carter Mehls, Maggie Naughton, Abigail Weatherwax

  • Act as liaisons between pairings and Varieties Committee providing pertinent information to pairings to ensure their success

  • Guide pairings through the skit development process

  • Provide critiques to pairings throughout the practice period to improve the overall quality of the show



Judges and Trophies Coordinator

Matt Morgan

  • Recruit judges for Exhibition, Semi-Finals, and Finals

  • Coordinate judges schedules and manage hospitality

  • Select design trophies and awards


Emcee and Vignettes Coordinator

Grant McMillan

  • Recruit emcees and vignette performances for Semi-Finals and Finals by working with students and organizations to scout appropriate talent 

  • Host auditions for emcees and vignettes and determine participating individuals and groups 

  • Serve as the point of contact for all emcees and vignettes 


Spotlight Coordinator

Will Mengler

  • Work with pairings to determine the most appropriate and effective spotlighting for each skit  

  • Provide feedback to pairings on technical aspects of performances 

  • Operate the spotlight for all pairings during all rehearsals and performances 

Stage Coordinator & Community Outreach

Cali Westergard

  • Control all on-stage aspects during performances including the curtain, backdrops and all props

  • Communicate Varieties information to residence halls residents, clubs and organizations, and the surrounding Ames community

  • Oversee non-Greek member participation in Greek pairings

  • Encourage strong campus relations between SUB, the Varieties committee, and the ISU campus


Technical Coordinator

Grant Heineman

  • Oversee all important day of performance activities

  • Revise the technical aspects of the rulebook and make decisions regarding technical aspects of the show during performance

  • Work directly with the stage, spotlight, and sound coordinators and serve as the point of contact and liaison with the Memorial Union Tech Staff 

Sound Coordinator 

Ryan Hermes

  • Oversee all important day of performance activities and audio requests including management of Pairings' band members

  • Work with the Memorial Union Tech staff to ensure that sound instructions are organized and carried out correctly 

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