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Meet the SUB Executive Board


This is Kenna's third term on the SUB exec board. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family in her free time while also working part-time at the Maintenance Shop and Hickory Park. Read Moreabout Kenna Smith testimonial

Kenna Smith, President
Vice-President of Membership

Hannah is very excited to be serving as VPM this year and loves being able to connect with people through SUB! She loves being able to see events come together and cannot wait to continue working on events for ISU... Read Moreabout Hannah Wilson testimonial

Hannah Wilson, Vice-President of Membership
Vice-President of Administration

For as long as Aren can remember, he's been a nerd about video games, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, or Computers. He's continued to pursue his passion with computers by studying Computer Science hoping to work in the field of... Read Moreabout Aren Ashlock testimonial

Aren Ashlock, Vice-President of Administration

Alisha is a returning SUB exec and thrilled to be doing more marketing projects for SUB. She loves coffee, cats and jamming out to kooky tunes. If you see Alisha around campus feel free to stop her and say hi!! Read Moreabout Alisha Pfeifer testimonial

Alisha Pfeifer, Marketing Co-Director
Marketing Co-Director

This is Alyssa's fourth time on the exec board and her first time serving as a director! Outside of SUB, she likes to participate in ISU's innovation programs and civic engagement programs! Read Moreabout Alyssa Rodriguez testimonial

Alyssa Rodriguez, Marketing Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

Poni is 19 and works as a tutor for an elementary school in Boone, IA. She loves her job and is not interested in becoming a teacher, but she thinks it’s fun, which she didn’t expect because of previous childcare... Read Moreabout Poni Okene testimonial

Poni Okene, Special Events Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

Christian is a Junior majoring in event management and minoring in Public Relations from Des Moines, IA. This is his second year in Student Union Board as the Special Events Director. He is looking forward to host exciting acts for... Read Moreabout Christian Grensteiner testimonial

Christian Grensteiner, Special Events Co-Director
Multicultural Awareness Co-Director

Piper is a huge fan of live music, good books, and enjoys spending time outside (especially at Ledges!). Her favorite things in the world include snuggling her roommate's kitten, the TV show the Good Place, and traveling to cool places! Read Moreabout Piper Carroll testimonial

Piper Carroll, Multicultural Awareness Co-Director
Multicultural Awareness Co-Director

Bryan is a new transfer student and started volunteering for SUB this previous semester and loved meeting new people and helping out with events. In high school, he shot competitive team archery and was actively apart of his Student Council.... Read Moreabout Bryan Stewart testimonial

Bryan Stewart, Multicultural Awareness Co-Director
Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Sam is a sophomore marketing major from Davenport, Iowa. This is his third year as an exec board member and helps at various SUB and AfterDark events. Read Moreabout Sam Petri testimonial

Sam Petri, Maintenance Shop Co-Director
Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Josie is a sophomore at Iowa State majoring in Marketing and minoring in Event Management. She was a member of her high school marching and concert bands, choir, and has played piano for many years. She loves going to a... Read Moreabout Josie Lehman testimonial

Josie Lehman, Maintenance Shop Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Alex is the meat sweatshirt guy you've seen at all of the ISU Afterdark events. He has a huge Movie collection and works at Casey's General Store in the summer, and in one of the ISU IT departments during the... Read Moreabout Alex Brown testimonial

Alex Brown, Performing Arts Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Ryan loves to longboard, workout, sleep and hang out with his friends. He's involved in the Finance Club, Sales Club, National Residence Hall Honorary, and is a resident assistant in Buchanan Hall. Feel free to come up to Ryan and... Read Moreabout Ryan Ingstad testimonial

Ryan Ingstad, Performing Arts Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Dorothy grew up learning and loving older-generation objects like polaroid cameras and retro games. She enjoys listening to music and making random crafts, from baking to friendship bracelets. The past semester she had a lot of fun volunteering at different... Read Moreabout Dorothy Sargent testimonial

Dorothy Sargent, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Allison is a sophomore at Iowa State studying finance. She is from Cedar Rapids, IA, and this is her first year in SUB! In her free time, she loves going to concerts and trying new coffee shops. Read Moreabout Allison Talyat testimonial

Allison Talyat, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

- Read Moreabout Jim Brockpahler testimonial

Jim Brockpahler, Advisor
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