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Meet the SUB Executive Board


Hannah is very excited to serve as this year's SUB President! She has also served as a Performing Arts Director and Vice President of Membership. She enjoys listening to music, reading new books, and hanging out with her friends! Read Moreabout Hannah Wilson testimonial

Hannah Wilson, President
Vice-President of Membership

Bryan is super excited to serve as your Vice President of Membership this year! This would be his second term on the executive board, and loves meeting new people. Outside of SUB, Bryan can be found hanging out with friends,... Read Moreabout Bryan Stewart testimonial

Bryan Stewart, Vice-President of Membership
Vice-President of Administration

After serving as a Cyclone Cinema Director, Dorothy is looking forward to being this year’s VP of Admin for SUB! She enjoys listening to music, rewatching comfort shows and movies, and random crafts in her free time. Read Moreabout Dorothy Sargent testimonial

Dorothy Sargent, Vice-President of Administration
Marketing Co-Director

Cassie Cataldo Read Moreabout Cassie Cataldo testimonial

Cassie Cataldo, Marketing Co-Director
Marketing Co-Director

Bree Nelson Read Moreabout Bree Nelson testimonial

Bree Nelson, Marketing Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

Poni Okene Read Moreabout Poni Okene testimonial

Poni Okene, Special Events Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

As one of the Special Events Directors for this year, Alex is looking forward to bringing great events to the people of ISU. Outside of SUB, Alex likes watching lots of movies and shows, tinkering, and programming. Read Moreabout Alex Brown testimonial

Alex Brown, Special Events Co-Director
Multicultural Awareness Co-Director

Lo is thrilled to serve as co-director for MCA! As a first-year student, she’s been a proud student of the College of Design and is head tech at the m-shop, working on sound and lighting design. They love collecting records,... Read Moreabout Lauren "Lo" Wilinski testimonial

Lauren "Lo" Wilinski, Multicultural Awareness Co-Director
Multicultural Awareness Co-Director

Olivia is looking forward to implementing new ideas as a Director of Multicultural & Awareness for the Student Union Board this year! She enjoys being active, listening to new music, and exploring new places. Read Moreabout Olivia Thompson testimonial

Olivia Thompson, Multicultural Awareness Co-Director
Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Allison is super excited to serve this year as one of SUB’s Maintenance Shop Directors! She has also served as a Cyclone Cinema Director. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, crocheting, painting, and listening to new music. Read Moreabout Allison Talyat testimonial

Allison Talyat, Maintenance Shop Co-Director
Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Ary Bermeo Read Moreabout Ary Bermeo testimonial

Ary Bermeo, Maintenance Shop Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Emily is excited to be one of the co-directors for performing arts this year! She has served as multicultural and awareness director in the past and loved the opportunity. She also enjoys ice skating, baking, watching movies, and being with... Read Moreabout Emily Durbala testimonial

Emily Durbala, Performing Arts Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Joseline is so thrilled to be serving as one of the Performing Arts Directors. She has been volunteering since her first semester freshman year, and so excited to be in a leadership position this year! She loves playing board games,... Read Moreabout Joseline Leonard testimonial

Joseline Leonard, Performing Arts Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Schuyler is so thrilled to serve for his first time on the SUB Exec Board as Cyclone Cinema Co-Director! He enjoys a variety of hobbies, including (but certainly not limited to): mountain biking, unicycling, gaming, acting, and, of course, watching... Read Moreabout Schuyler Ridenour testimonial

Schuyler Ridenour, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Luke is super duper excited to serve as one of this year's Cyclone Cinema Co-Directors! In his spare time, Luke can be found watching movies, listening to music, and volunteering at all of the awesome SUB events happening around campus. Read Moreabout Luke Juffer testimonial

Luke Juffer, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

- Read Moreabout Jim Brockpahler testimonial

Jim Brockpahler, Advisor

- Read Moreabout Teresa Stolfus testimonial

Teresa Stolfus, Advisor
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