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Meet the SUB Executive Board


Brooklin is a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in event management. She is from Fort Dodge, IA and is the current SUB President! She also serves part-time at Wallaby's Bar & Grille in Ames. Brooklin loves musicals, her... Read Moreabout Brooklin Border testimonial

Brooklin Border, President
Vice-President of Membership

Kenna is a sophomore majoring in event management and minoring in public relations. She is from Mt. Pleasant, IA. Kenna currently serves as the VP of Membership for SUB and also works part-time as a server at Hickory Park. She... Read Moreabout Kenna Smith testimonial

Kenna Smith, Vice-President of Membership
Vice-President of Administration

Alyssa is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Human Development Studies, with a minor in Public Relations. This is her third term on the SUB Executive Board, and her second time in the role of Vice President of... Read Moreabout Alyssa Rodriguez testimonial

Alyssa Rodriguez, Vice-President of Administration
Marketing Co-Director

Alisha is a sophomore who focuses on Marketing and Advertising by day and plays animal crossing and spends time with her friends by night! She is from Orono, MN and also loves working on creating content for SUB, drinking lots... Read Moreabout Alisha Pfeifer testimonial

Alisha Pfeifer, Marketing Co-Director
Marketing Co-Director

Jazmine is so crazy cool. She is majoring in event management and public relations and is from Spencer, IA. She is in the taekwondo club at ISU so she gets kicked a lot but we love her regardless. Her favorite... Read Moreabout Jazmine Edwards testimonial

Jazmine Edwards, Marketing Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

Nicole Wendel is a senior studying event management from Kansas City Missouri. This is her second year on SUB. She enjoys making new friends and getting to know other people. Read Moreabout Nicole Wendel testimonial

Nicole Wendel, Special Events Co-Director
Special Events Co-Director

Christian is a sophomore majoring in event management and minoring university Public Relations & Hospitality Management from Des Moines, IA. This is his first year in Student Union Board as the Special Events Director. He is super excited for such... Read Moreabout Christian Grensteiner testimonial

Christian Grensteiner, Special Events Co-Director
Multicultural Awareness Co-Director

Mo is a junior studying food science with a minor in Art History from Iowa City, IA. She is one of the Multicultural and Awareness directors. She likes to watch true crime documentaries and criminal minds as well as horror... Read Moreabout Mo Fesenmeyer testimonial

Mo Fesenmeyer, Multicultural Awareness Co-Director
Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Calvin is a sophomore at Iowa State studying Civil Engineering. Originally from Cedar Rapids, Calvin grew up surrounded by music and played the violin for nine years, including his freshman year in Iowa State's Symphony Orchestra. He didn't realize how... Read Moreabout Calvin Kanz testimonial

Calvin Kanz, Maintenance Shop Co-Director

Hassein is a 6th year senior in electrical engineering. He enjoys many aspects of music: Attending live shows, working sound for concerts, playing guitar, and recording. He also enjoys film photography, retro video games, and repairing old electronics. He has... Read Moreabout Hassein Rife testimonial

Hassein Rife, Maintenance Shop Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Hannah Wilson is a freshman at Iowa State University majoring in marketing with a possible minor in event management. She is from Bettendorf, Iowa and is very excited to be part of the Student Union Board as a co-director for... Read Moreabout Hannah Wilson testimonial

Hannah Wilson, Performing Arts Co-Director
Performing Arts Co-Director

Sam is a sophomore marketing major from Davenport, Iowa. This is his second year as an exec board member and helps at various SUB and AfterDark events. Read Moreabout Sam Petri testimonial

Sam Petri, Performing Arts Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Kara is a senior in Economics and Political Science from West Des Moines, Iowa. Her love for movies began when she was 2 years old and discovered her aunt’s VHS collection. Since then, her love has only grown. When not... Read Moreabout Kara Dieke testimonial

Kara Dieke, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director
Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

Aren is a Freshman majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Leadership Studies. Raised in Waverly, Iowa, Aren participated in FTC Robotics, Mathletes, and even played the Pokémon Trading Card Game competitively. Since coming to campus, he’s volunteered for... Read Moreabout Aren Ashlock testimonial

Aren Ashlock, Cyclone Cinema Co-Director

- Read Moreabout Jim Brockpahler testimonial

Jim Brockpahler, Advisor

Erin is from Gurnee, IL and serves as SUB’s co-advisor. She can’t wait to work with talented, energetic students to put on fun, innovative, and engaging programming. When she’s not at work, Erin can usually be found cuddled up with... Read Moreabout Erin McCollum testimonial

Erin McCollum, Advisor
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