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Student Activities Center

Contact Info

To contact Student Union Board:

1530 Memorial Union
Ames, IA 50014

Student Contacts

Drew Girres 
Vice President of Membership
Diego Bonilla
Vice President of Administration
Alyssa Rodriguez
Marketing Co-Directors
Marissa Bixby
Skyler Kennedy
Cyclone Cinema Co-Directors
Kaitlyn Lathrop
Austin Friddle
Maintenance Shop Co-Directors
Kylee Van Veen 
Michelle Pasek
Multicultural Awareness Co-Directors
Liz Durbin 
National Events Director
Katerina Bergmann
Performing Arts Co-Directors
Molly Blanco
Carrie Adams
Special Events Co-Director
Madelyn Bloom
Petra Owusu
Advisor Contacts

Entertainment Programs Coordinator
Jim Brockpahler

Major Programs Coordinator
Katie Haygood 

Graduate Assistant
Brynjar Johnston

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