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Margaret Lange Award - This Margaret Lange Award recognizes someone of the Executive Board who has displayed the mission and values of the Student Union Board. Margaret Lange was the first advisor to the Student Union Board. She was one of the first individuals who worked in the Memorial Union. 

General Member MVP - The General Member MVP is chosen each semester by the Executive Board and recognizes the individual who they believe exemplified what it means to be a part of SUB. This award is designed to recognize a member of a student organization that has exemplified excellence among his/her peers. 

Most Outstanding Directorship - Recognizes the director or co-directors that most embodied the elements of teamwork, collaboration, and quality programming.

Most Improved Directorship- Recognizes the director or co-directors that demonstrated a commitment to developing their directorship and attaining their goals and shown remarkable growth in multiple facets of the organization.

Most Outstanding Event - This award is designed to recognize a program or event that have had a significant impact on the Iowa State University community. 

Most Innovative Event - This award is designed to recognize a program or event that had the most creativity. 

SUB Supporter - The SUB Supporter recognizes someone in the community that has supported the Student Union Board throughout the year. 

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