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Student Activities Center

Reward Program

Our events would not be successful without our dedicated members who volunteer their time to help us out. This is why we reward them for all their hard work. Our members have a the chance to get some SUB swag by volunteering for events, attending meetings, and helping out with marketing efforts.

When a member gets a total of 6 events they are eligible for a stylish SUB t-shirt...

By their 15th event, they receive a SUB Camelbak...

Then, they can fill out another punch card. Once they get 7 additional punches they receive a SUB fannypack...


On top of all of that, each punch card that they turn in gets entered into a drawing for a prize that is given out at the end of each semester. SUB events would not be successful if we didn't have our amazing members helping us out, so thank you to all of our dedicated and hard working members.

YOU can become a member too! Click here to join. 

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