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Volunteers of the Month

Every month the SUB Executive Board votes for a SUB Volunteer to be the Volunteer of the Month. The individuals who are voted as Volunteer of the Month are dedicated, hard working individuals who have a positive attitude. They go above and beyond when asked to do something, and they are usually the first ones to step up and help out at events. 


SUB Volunteer of the Month - 2024

January - Charlotte Barnes


Exec Member of the Month - 2024

January - Maintenance Shop Directors (Allison & Ary)


SUB Volunteer of the Month 2023

January/February - Ary Bermeo
March - Alexis Ball
April - Vinnie Cataldo
August - Varunavi Prasad
September - Tamia Brown
October - Olivia Thompson


Exec Member of the Month 2023

January/February - Cyclone Cinema Directors (Allison & Dorothy)
March - Multicultural & Awareness Directors (Bryan & Piper)
April - Aren Ashlock, VP of Administration
August - Marketing Directors (Alyssa & Alisha)
September - Kenna Smith, President
October - Multicultural & Awareness Directors (Bryan & Piper)
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