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Student Engagement


Year:         Date:                Event:                                                                                                                       


               1/14/2000           Ron Prince and the Hard Times                                                              

               1/15/2000           Box-O-Car w/ Fool’s Journey                                                                   

               1/22/2000           Tina (of Tina & the B-Side Movement)                                                                

               1/28/2000           Son Seals                                                                        

               1/29/2000           Ekoostik Hookah                                                                         

               2/4/2000             Techno Insertion                                                                         

               2/11/2000           Saffire - the Uppity Blues Women                                                                        

               2/12/2000           The Drovers                                                                   

               2/19/2000           You’re Pretty                                                                 

               2/25/2000           Domin8tricks                                                                 

               2/26/2000           Matt Wilson and the Hangups                                                                

               2/27/2000           Jae Sinnett                                                                     

               3/3/2000             Manodharma Trio                                                                      

               3/4/2000             The Drovers                                                                   

               3/5/2000             Shannon Curfman w/ Rob Lumbard                                                                     

               3/9/2000             Dan Bern                                                                        

               3/24/2000           Digger w/ Ashtray Babyhead                                                                   

               3/25/2000           Freedy Johnston                                                                          

               3/30/2000           Kelly Joe Phelps                                                            

               3/31/2000           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               4/1/2000             Willy Porter w/ Monk                                                                

               4/6/2000             Dirty Dozen Brass Band                                                             

               4/7/2000             Techno Injection 2: Phase Code                                                             

               4/8/2000             Rusty Pelicans w/ Recycled Future                                                                       

               4/16/2000           David Berkman                                                             

               4/21/2000           Either Orchestra                                                                          

               4/28/2000           Mike Doughty w/ Mason Jennings                                                                       

               8/24/2000           Mr. Plow                                                                        

               8/26/2000           Grubby Ernie w/ High Jinx and Minus Zero                                                                       

               8/29/2000           Shannon Curfman w/ Little Mojo                                                                         

               8/31/2000           The Mollys                                                                     

               9/8/2000             The Selby Tigers w/ Radio 4 and Squidboy                                                                        

               9/9/2000             Tina (of Tina and the B-Side Movement)                                                             

               9/14/2000           Bernard Allison                                                             

               9/16/2000           The Frogs                                                                       

               9/19/2000           Ultimate Fakebook w/ Nada Surf, Pookey Bleum and Skate or Die                             

               9/21/2000           Martin Zellar and the Hardways w/ Mason Jennings Band                                           

               9/22/2000           Eddie From Ohio                                                                         

               9/28/2000           Hank Williams III w/ Shot to Hell                                                           

               9/29/2000           Mediocre Superheroes                                                              

               9/30/2000           Brenda Weiler w/ John Hermanson                                                                     

               10/3/2000           Robin & Linda Williams                                                              

               10/6/2000           Deke Dickerson & the Ecc-Fonics w/ Horror Show Hoods                                             

               10/7/2000           Stacy Earle                                                                     

               10/10/2000         Dave Alvin                                                                      

               10/13/2000         Dave Weckl Band                                                                        

               10/14/2000         Stuart Davis Band                                                                       

               10/15/2000         Stuart Davis Band                                                                       

               10/19/2000         The John Doe Thing w/ Matt Nathanson                                                            

               10/20/2000         Ann Rabson                                                                   

               10/21/2000         Lonnie Brooks                                                               

               10/28/2000         You’re Pretty                                                                 

               11/1/2000           The Anniversary w/ Hot Rod Circuit and The Selby Tigers                                            

               11/3/2000           Susan Werner                                                               

               11/10/2000         B-Line w/ Why Make Clocks and The Mountain Goats                                                  

               11/11/2000         Ron Prince and the Hard Times                                                              

               11/16/2000         The Nadas                                                                      

               12/2/2000           Grubby Ernie w/ Shiloh Church                                                              

               12/8/2000           Alejandro Escovedo w/ Shot to Hell                                                                     

               12/9/2000           Scarlet Life                                                                     


               1/11/2001           Nickel Creek                                                                  

               1/12/2001           Mr. Plow w/ 38th Parallel, Index Case and Clever                                                           

               1/13/2001           The Creature Comforts w/ Everyone Loves Delaware                                                    

               1/19/2001           Son Seals                                                                        

               1/20/2001           Dave Zollo feat. Bo Ramsey w/ Brother Trucker                                                              

               1/25/2001           Second City Comedy Troupe                                                                   

               1/26/2001           Shemekia Copeland                                                                    

               1/27/2001           Oh My God w/ Dead By Wednesday                                                                    

               2/1/2001             Rising Lion                                                                     

               2/2/2001             Manplanet                                                                     

               2/3/2001             Superdrag w/ The Put-Outs                                                                     

               2/10/2001           The Mountain Goats w/ Why Make Clocks                                                                       

               2/15/2001           All Mighty Senators                                                                    

               2/16/2001           Moon Gypsies                                                               

               2/17/2001           House of Large Sizes                                                                  

               2/23/2001           Mu330                                                             

               2/24/2001           Jim’s Big Ego                                                                 

               2/27/2001           Kathy Kosins                                                                  

               3/2/2001             Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise                                                                  

               3/3/2001             Todd Snider                                                                   

               3/6/2001             Solas                                                                 

               3/23/2001           Scarlet Runner                                                              

               3/25/2001           Trailer Records Showcase                                                                        

               3/30/2001           Brenda Weiler                                                               

               3/31/2001           E.C. Scott                                                                        

               4/5/2001             Pookey Bleum w/ Kathryn Musilek and Douglas & Tucker                                            

               4/6/2001             Stuart Davis                                                                   

               4/7/2001             Trent Summar and the New Row Mob                                                                

               4/12/2001           Saffire - the Uppity Blues Women                                                                        

               4/27/2001           You’re Pretty                                                                 

               4/28/2001           Sparechange00 w/ The Eggnogs and Going to Grandmas                                             

               8/31/2001           Manplanet w/ Faux Jean                                                                          

               9/7/2001             Scarlet Life w/ Gooding                                                             

               9/8/2001             The Impossibles w/ River City High and Recover                                                             

               9/14/2001           The Creature Comforts w/ Keepers of the Carpet                                                           

               9/15/2001           Eddie From Ohio                                                                         

               9/21/2001           Alison Brown                                                                 

               9/22/2001           Willy Porter                                                                   

               9/26/2001           Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               9/27/2001           Susan Werner w/ Ellis Paul                                                                      

               9/28/2001           Allison Moorer                                                              

               9/29/2001           Dave Zollo                                                                      

               10/4/2001           Stacy Earle                                                                     

               10/5/2001           Ultimate Fakebook w/ Sparechange00 and Podstar                                                       

               10/8/2001           Nickel Creek w/ Glen Phillips (Great Hall Show)                                                              

               10/9/2001           The Anniversary w/ The Selby Tigers and Johnny On the Rocks                                  

               10/18/2001         The Lawrence Arms w/ The Honor System and Blank Skeme                                       

               10/19/2001         Charlie Robison                                                            

               10/21/2001         Jack Johnson w/ Mason Jennings Band                                                               

               10/23/2001         D.J. Logic & Project Logic                                                                         

               10/25/2001         Greg Piccolo                                                                  

               10/26/2001         Todd Snider                                                                   

               10/27/2001         You’re Pretty w/ Liars and Far Cry                                                                        

               10/28/2001         Alkaline Trio w/ Knuckleduster                                                               

               10/30/2001         Melissa Ferrick                                                              

               11/2/2001           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               11/3/2001           The Frogs w/ The Poison Control Center                                                            

               11/9/2001           Tinsley Ellis                                                                    

               11/30/2001         Bi-Fi Records Showcase                                                             

               12/1/2001           Bohola                                                             

               12/7/2001           Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Fonics w/ The Barrel House Rockets                               

               12/8/2001           Brenda Weiler                                                               


               1/17/2002           Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash w/ Brother Trucker                                                            

               1/18/2002           Alice Peacock w/ Kathryn Musilek                                                                        

               1/19/2002           Har Mar Superstar w/ Everyone Loves Delaware and Binary                                       

               1/24/2002           Lowen and Navarro                                                                    

               1/25/2002           Manplanet w/ Oh My God                                                                       

               1/26/2002           Mason Jennings                                                            

               1/31/2002           Inspection 12 w/ Keepers of the Carpet and The Envy Corps                                       

               2/2/2002             Son Seals                                                                        

               2/8/2002             House of Large Sizes                                                                  

               2/9/2002             Sparechange00 w/ Rod and Eight Miles Out                                                                     

               2/11/2002           Saffire - the Uppity Blues Women                                                                        

               2/12/2002           Sean Na Na w/ Frankenixon and Organ Donor                                                                 

               2/14/2002           Raer View Mirror                                                                        

               2/15/2002           All Hail the Queens! (DRAG SHOW)                                                                      

               2/22/2002           Bohola                                                             

               2/23/2002           Duvall w/ Red Hot Valentines and The Envy Corps                                                         

               2/26/2002           Split Lip Rayfield w/ Boy Cow                                                                 

               3/7/2002             Judy Gorman                                                                 

               3/8/2002             Joe Price                                                                         

               3/9/2002             You’re Pretty                                                                 

               3/10/2002           Hey Mercedes w/ Pele                                                              

               3/11/2002           The Mountain Goats w/ John Vanderslice and Kind of Like Spitting                             

               3/12/2002           Marcia Ball                                                                    

               3/28/2002           ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               3/29/2002           ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               3/30/2002           ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               3/31/2002           ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               4/5/2002             ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               4/6/2002             ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               4/7/2002             ISU Theatre presents Los Venditos                                                                       

               4/8/2002             Dustin Diamond (AKA Skreech from Saved By the Bell)                                                 

               4/9/2002             Schatzi w/ The Poison Control Center                                                                 

               4/12/2002           Dave Zollo w/ BeJae Fleming                                                                  

               4/13/2002           Either/Orchestra                                                                          

               4/27/2002           Pieta Brown                                                                   

               8/29/2002           Index Case                                                                     

               8/30/2002           Ultimate Fakebook w/ The People and Soccer Mom                                                      

               9/5/2002             Allison Moorer w/ Dave Zollo                                                                 

               9/6/2002             Dave Moore & BeJae Fleming                                                                 

               9/7/2002             Stuart Davis                                                                   

               9/9/2002             Voodoo Glow Skulls w/ Groovie Ghoulies and Boy Cow                                                

               9/12/2002           Fruit                                                                  

               9/13/2002           Willy Porter                                                                   

               9/14/2002           Mates of State                                                              

               9/17/2002           Lucy Kaplansky                                                              

               9/20/2002           Brother Trucker                                                            

               9/22/2002           The Jayhawks                                                                

               9/23/2002           Midtown w/ Recover                                                                 

               9/25/2002           The Stereo w/ Lucky Boys Confusion and The Story Changes                                      

               9/27/2002           House of Large Sizes                                                                  

               9/28/2002           Mary Cutrufello                                                            

               9/29/2002           Dillinger 4 w/ Toys to Kill and Faultlines                                                              

               9/30/2002           Isis w/ Dalek and Oxes                                                               

               10/2/2002           Todd Snider                                                                   

               10/3/2002           Tift Merritt                                                                     

               10/4/2002           You’re Pretty w/ Dug Llewelyn                                                               

               10/5/2002           Mason Jennings w/ Little Mojo                                                              

               10/7/2002           Matt Sharp                                                                     

               10/8/2002           Yohimbe Brothers (feat. DJ Logic and Reid)                                                                      

               10/9/2002           Pansy Division w/ The Plus Ones                                                           

               10/10/2002         John Hammond                                                            

               10/11/2002         Why Make Clocks                                                                       

               10/12/2002         Joe Price                                                                         

               10/14/2002         Har Mar Superstar                                                                      

               10/15/2002         Vance Gilbert                                                                

               10/18/2002         Brenda Weiler                                                               

               10/19/2002         Second City Comedy Troupe                                                                   

               10/21/2002         Bob Mould                                                                     

               10/25/2002         Thrice & Hot Water Music                                                                       

               11/2/2002           Pointy Teeth                                                                  

               11/8/2002           The Kinsey Report w/ Jeff Lang                                                              

               11/9/2002           Oh My God                                                                    

               11/14/2002         The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice                                                            

               11/15/2002         Cheryl Wheeler                                                             

               12/6/2002           Dave Zollo                                                                      

               12/7/2002           Dar Williams                                                                  


               1/17/2003           Cross Canadian Ragweed                                                                         

               1/24/2003           Appleseed Cast w/ Owen                                                                         

               1/25/2003           Mary Lou Lord                                                              

               1/30/2003           The Anniversary w/ Grand Champeen and T.K. Webb                                                   

               1/31/2003           Susan Werner                                                               

               2/1/2003             The Alliance presents "A Royal Drag"                                                                  

               2/6/2003             C. Gobbs and the Cardia Brothers                                                                        

               2/14/2003           The Waybacks                                                               

               2/18/2003           Luther Wright and the Wrongs                                                              

               2/21/2003           Mason Jennings w/ Little Mojo                                                              

               2/22/2003           Eddie From Ohio                                                                         

               2/27/2003           Ann Rabson                                                                   

               2/28/2003           Nada Surf w/ Sondre Lerche and The People                                                                   

               3/1/2003             Manplanet w/ Mark Mallman and Argos                                                            

               3/4/2003             Richard Shindell w/ Tracy Grammer                                                                     

               3/8/2003             Ultimate Fakebook w/ Soccer Mom and Satellite 34                                                      

               4/4/2003             Brenda Weiler                                                               

               4/5/2003             Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart                                                                      

               4/18/2003           The Mountain Goats w/ Why Make Clocks                                                                       

               4/19/2003           Son Seals                                                                        

               4/23/2003           Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               4/25/2003           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               4/26/2003           Sparechange00 w/ The Story Changes                                                                

               8/28/2003           Oh My God w/ Lesser Known Saint                                                                      

               8/29/2003           C. Gibbs and the Cardia Brothers                                                                          

               9/5/2003             BiFi Records Showcase                                                              

               9/6/2003             38th Parallel                                                                  

               9/10/2003           The New Amsterdams w/ The Belles                                                                   

               9/12/2003           Wayne “The Train” Hancock                                                                   

               9/13/2003           Charlie Robison w/ Brother Trucker                                                                     

               9/19/2003           Susan Werner                                                               

               9/25/2003           Mars Williams Mushroom Massive                                                                      

               9/26/2003           Bernard Allison                                                             

               9/27/2003           House of Large Sizes                                                                  

               9/30/2003           The Cougars                                                                  

               10/3/2003           Ultimate Fakebook w/ The Plus Nomination (on the terrace)                                      

               10/4/2003           Luther Wright and the Wrongs                                                              

               10/7/2003           The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash                                                                         

               10/9/2003           Nada Surf w/ The Tyde                                                              

               10/10/2003         Allison Moorer w/ Mark Huff                                                                 

               10/11/2003         Alliance Drag Show                                                                     

               10/12/2003         Appleseed Cast w/ Senator Kelly                                                                          

               10/14/2003         Ember Swift                                                                   

               10/16/2003         Eddie From Ohio                                                                         

               10/17/2003         The Duke Robillard Band                                                                         

               10/18/2003         Groovie Ghoulies & The Flipsides w/ Shiloh Church                                                       

               10/21/2003         Cheryl Wheeler w/ Kenny White                                                                          

               10/22/2003         Richard Thompson                                                                      

               10/26/2003         John Vanderslice w/ Frankenixon                                                                         

               10/27/2003         Reggie and the Full Effect w/ The Story Changes                                                            

               10/31/2003         Stuart Davis                                                                   

               11/1/2003           Second City Comedy Troupe                                                                   

               11/3/2003           Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players                                                             

               11/7/2003           Mary Cutrufello                                                            

               11/8/2003           Tinsley Ellis                                                                    

               11/13/2003         Ari Hest                                                            

               11/14/2003         Ted Leo and the Pharmacists w/ Tim Kinsella (of Cap'n Jazz)                                       

               11/15/2003         Brenda Weiler w/ Ben Connelly                                                             

               11/16/2003         Straylight Run w/ The New Amsterdams                                                             

               12/5/2003           ISU Theatre presents Shan Ayers Japanese Puppetry                                                     

               12/6/2003           ISU Theatre presents Shan Ayers Japanese Puppetry                                                                    


               1/15/2004           Willy Porter                                                                   

               1/16/2004           Willy Porter                                                                   

               1/17/2004           Flick w/ Lesser Known Saint                                                                    

               1/22/2004           Kelly Joe Phelps                                                            

               1/24/2004           Andrew Bird                                                                  

               1/26/2004           Lee Rocker w/ Back Porch Mary                                                             

               1/30/2004           The Belles w/ 12 Cannons                                                                        

               1/31/2004           Son Seals                                                                        

               2/6/2004             Oh My God w/ Early Days Yet                                                                 

               2/7/2004             Maritime w/ Decibully and Eight Miles Out                                                                      

               2/14/2004           The Mr. T Experience w/ Manplanet                                                                    

               2/20/2004           Senses Fail w/ Moneen, Boys Night Out and The Beautiful Mistake                             

               2/21/2004           Pieta Brown w/ Bo Ramsey                                                                     

               2/24/2004           Coco Montoya                                                              

               2/26/2004           The Mountain Goats w/ Manichevitz                                                                   

               2/27/2004           The Jealous Sound w/ Engine Down and The Statistics                                                  

               2/28/2004           Doug Wamble                                                               

               3/2/2004             Chris Whitley w/ Teitur                                                             

               3/4/2004             Richard Buckner w/ Mary Cutrufello                                                                    

               3/5/2004             Owen w/ Rabbit Rabbit                                                             

               3/10/2004           Tracy Grammer w/ Nate Emsick                                                            

               3/25/2004           Tony Furtado and the American Gypsies                                                            

               3/26/2004           Joe Price                                                                         

               3/27/2004           Tiffany                                                             

               4/2/2004             Joan of Arc w/ Love of Everything and Make Believe                                                     

               4/3/2004             Jordan Knight w/ Jerry Reid                                                                    

               4/22/2004           ISU Theatre presents Glenngary Glen Ross                                                                       

               4/23/2004           ISU Theatre presents Glenngary Glen Ross                                                                       

               4/24/2004           ISU Theatre presents Glenngary Glen Ross                                                                       

               4/25/2004           ISU Theatre presents Glenngary Glen Ross                                                                       

               4/28/2004           Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               8/27/2004           Dave Zollo                                                                      

               8/28/2004           Local Music Showcase feat. Like Knives w/ Parallex and Keepers of the Carpet  

               9/7/2004             Jeff Lang                                                                         

               9/9/2004             Ari Hest                                                            

               9/10/2004           Laura Love Duo w/ Fruit Trio                                                                  

               9/11/2004           Local Music Showcase feat. Cassanatra w/ Lesser Known Saint and Light in the


               9/13/2004           Midtown w/ Strike Anywhere                                                                 

               9/17/2004           Bumpus                                                                           

               9/22/2004           Butterfly Boucher w/ Dog’s Eyed View                                                               

               9/23/2004           Vance Gilbert w/ BeJae Fleming                                                             

               9/25/2004           Susan Werner                                                               

               9/26/2004           Susan Werner                                                               

               9/29/2004           Late Night Players Comedy Troupe                                                                      

               9/30/2004           John Vanderslice w/ Will Johnson and Robbers on High Street                                   

               10/1/2004           Yo La Tengo                                                                   

               10/2/2004           Matt Sharp w/ Goldenboy                                                                       

               10/3/2004           Soulive                                                             

               10/7/2004           Rachael Yamagata w/Tom McRae                                                                        

               10/8/2004           Lonnie Brooks                                                               

               10/9/2004           Murder By Death w/ The Snake, The Cross, The Crown and Sleep Station                

               10/11/2004         Carbon Leaf w/ Blue Merle                                                                      

               10/14/2004         Matt Haimovitz                                                             

               10/15/2004         LGBTAA/FMLA Drag Show                                                                       

               10/16/2004         Andrew Bird                                                                  

               10/19/2004         Karate w/ Chris Brokaw                                                            

               10/21/2004         Hammell on Trial                                                                        

               10/22/2004         Local Music Showcase                                                               

               10/23/2004         Teitur w/ Eric Hutchinson                                                                        

               10/28/2004         The Advantage                                                              

               10/30/2004         Index Case w/ Incaged and White Knuckle Trip                                                               

               11/4/2004           Vic Chesnutt w/ Why Make Clocks                                                                       

               11/5/2004           Shannon Lawson                                                                         

               11/6/2004           Sondre Lerche w/ The Golden Republic                                                              

               11/12/2004         Carrier w/ Keepers of the Carpet                                                                          

               11/13/2004         Voodoo Glow Skulls w/ Big D & the Kids Table, Go Betty Go and The F Ups       

               11/30/2004         Motion City Soundtrack w/ Tsunami Bomb and Limbeck                                              

               12/2/2004           David Garza                                                                   

               12/4/2004           Endochine w/ Mieka Pauley and Joe Terry                                                                        


               1/14/2005           Anne McCue                                                                  

               1/19/2005           Cross Canadian Ragweed                                                                         

               1/20/2005           Toothpick                                                                       

               1/21/2005           Kelly Joe Phelps w/ The Pines                                                                 

               1/27/2005           ISU Theatre presents Talking With                                                                       

               1/28/2005           ISU Theatre presents Talking With                                                                       

               1/29/2005           ISU Theatre presents Talking With                                                                       

               1/30/2005           ISU Theatre presents Talking With                                                                       

               2/4/2005             New Amsterdams w/ Like Knives                                                                          

               2/5/2005             Willy Porter                                                                   

               2/8/2005             Secret Machines w/ Autolux and Moving Units                                                               

               2/10/2005           Todd Snider                                                                   

               2/11/2005           Oh My God                                                                    

               2/12/2005           The Fight w/ If Ever Was A Fire and The F Word                                                              

               2/16/2005           Straylight Run w/ Action Action, Bella Lea and Firescape                                              

               2/18/2005           Early Show: From the Jayhawks w/ Gary Louris & Mark Olsen- Together Again 

               2/18/2005           Late Show: Rogue Wave w/ The Poison Control Center                                                

               2/19/2005           Joe Price                                                                         

               2/22/2005           OK Go w/ Divide By Zero                                                                          

               2/24/2005           Split Lip Rayfield                                                                          

               2/25/2005           Eddie From Ohio w/ Lowen & Navarro                                                               

               2/26/2005           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               2/28/2005           Hot Rod Circuit w/ Mae, The Snake, The Cross and The Crown                                   

               3/3/2005             Kaki King                                                                         

               3/4/2005             John Hammond                                                            

               3/5/2005             The Golden Republic w/ Sons of the Republic                                                                  

               3/6/2005             Recover w/ Armor For Sleep, Say Anything and Chase Pagan                                      

               3/24/2005           ISU Theatre presents Pseudolus                                                             

               3/25/2005           ISU Theatre presents Pseudolus                                                             

               3/26/2005           ISU Theatre presents Pseudolus                                                             

               3/27/2005           ISU Theatre presents Pseudolus                                                             

               3/29/2005           Appleseed Cast w/ Chin Up Chin Up                                                                    

               3/31/2005           LGBTAA Drag Show                                                                    

               4/1/2005             The Mountain Goats                                                                  

               4/2/2005             Stacey Earle w/ Mark Stuart and Pumptown                                                                    

               4/7/2005             The Album Leaf w/ Morning Recordings and Roots of Orchis                                      

               4/8/2005             The Ends w/ The Winks and Seven Inch Wave                                                                 

               4/9/2005             Crooked Fingers w/ Micah P. Hinson and Why Make Clocks                                        

               4/10/2005           Robin & Linda Williams and their Fine Group                                                                   

               4/15/2005           Eric Hutchinson                                                             

               4/16/2005           Viva Voce w/ Keepers of the Carpet                                                                    

               4/18/2005           Dirty Dozen Brass Band                                                             

               4/21/2005           Eric Himan w/ Casey Stratton                                                                 

               4/22/2005           Last of the Locals feat. Wreckage of the Modern City and If Ever Was a Fire       

               4/23/2005           38th Parallel w/ Closer                                                              

               8/26/2005           Dirty Dozen Brass Band                                                             

               8/27/2005           Chuck Prophet                                                              

               8/29/2005           Eric Himan                                                                     

               9/2/2005             Hockey Night                                                                

               9/8/2005             Blackpool Lights                                                                          

               9/10/2005           Eric Hutchinson                                                             

               9/13/2005           Tristan Prettyman                                                                       

               9/16/2005           Doug Wamble                                                               

               9/17/2005           New Amsterdams                                                                        

               9/23/2005           Kaki King                                                                         

               9/24/2005           Rogue Wave                                                                  

               9/28/2005           Mates of State                                                              

               9/29/2005           Raul Midon                                                                    

               9/30/2005           Pieta Brown                                                                   

               10/1/2005           Susan Werner                                                               

               10/3/2005           Ingram Hill                                                                     

               10/5/2005           Martyn Joseph                                                              

               10/7/2005           William Elliott Whitmore                                                                         

               10/8/2005           Lesser Known Saint                                                                    

               10/11/2005         Jon Nicholson                                                                

               10/13/2005         James McMurtry                                                                         

               10/14/2005         Head of Femur                                                              

               10/15/2005         Billy Joe Shaver                                                             

               10/16/2005         Autolux                                                            

               10/18/2005         Amy Ray                                                                         

               10/20/2005         Wolf Eyes                                                                       

               10/21/2005         David Lindley                                                                 

               10/22/2005         Cross Canadian Ragweed                                                                         

               10/24/2005         dios (malos)                                                                   

               10/26/2005         Oh My God                                                                    

               10/27/2005         Lucy Kaplansky                                                              

               10/28/2005         The Golden Republic                                                                  

               10/31/2005         Hot Rod Circuit w/ Piebald                                                                      

               11/2/2005           Kelly Willis                                                                     

               11/4/2005           Okkervil River                                                                

               11/5/2005           Local H                                                             

               11/11/2005         Low Skies                                                                       

               11/12/2005         Limbeck                                                                          


               1/13/2006           Them vs. Them                                                             

               1/14/2006           Chris Mills                                                                      

               1/21/2006           William Elliott Whitmore                                                                         

               1/25/2006           The Life & Times                                                                         

               1/26/2006           Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials                                                                    

               1/27/2006           Willy Porter                                                                   

               1/28/2006           Charlemagne                                                                 

               1/30/2006           Feist                                                                  

               2/7/2006             Limbeck w/ Koufax                                                                     

               2/8/2006             Jimbo Mathis                                                                 

               2/10/2006           The Casket Lottery                                                                      

               2/11/2006           Damon Dotson                                                             

               2/16/2006           Andrew Bird                                                                  

               2/20/2006           The Undertow Orchestra feat. Dave Bazan, Vic Chesnutt, Marc Eitzel, and Will


               2/23/2006           Ellis Paul                                                                         

               2/24/2006           The Greencards                                                            

               2/27/2006           Shannon Curfman w/ Lennon                                                                 

               2/28/2006           Tristan Prettyman w/ Ben Taylor                                                                          

               3/2/2006             Doris Henson                                                                 

               3/3/2006             The Envy Corps                                                             

               3/4/2006             The Warriors                                                                 

               3/11/2006           To My Surprise w/ Wreckage of the Modern City                                                           

               3/27/2006           Meg & Dia                                                                      

               3/29/2006           Damien Jurado & Rocky Votolato                                                                         

               3/30/2006           Levi Kreis & Eric Himan                                                              

               3/31/2006           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               4/1/2006             Stuart Davis                                                                   

               4/3/2006             Eric Hutchinson                                                             

               4/4/2006             Low                                                                  

               4/6/2006             The Format                                                                    

               4/9/2006             Say Anything                                                                  

               4/14/2006           John Vanderslice                                                                         

               8/26/2006           Tom Wehrle w/ Jade Lea                                                                         

               9/6/2006             Rogue Wave w/ Foreign Born and Death Ships                                                                

               9/7/2006             Ohmega Watts                                                             

               9/13/2006           Maritime w/ Maiden Korea                                                                     

               9/14/2006           Matt Costa w/ The 88                                                                

               9/15/2006           The Mountain Goats w/ Christine Fellows                                                                        

               9/16/2006           PM Dawn                                                                       

               9/19/2006           Mates of State w/ Starlight Mints                                                                         

               9/20/2006           Murder By Death w/ The Appleseed Cast and Unwed Sailor                                       

               9/21/2006           Judah Johnson w/ Brian Jones                                                                

               9/22/2006           An evening with The Greencards                                                                          

               9/23/2006           Hockey Night w/ Mike Nicolai and Keepers of the Carpet                                            

               9/24/2006           Teitur w/ Tobias Froberg                                                                         

               9/28/2006           Lucero w/ Rocky Votolato and William Elliott Whitmore                                              

               9/30/2006           The Big Wu w/ The Whigs                                                                        

               10/1/2006           Ari Hest                                                            

               10/2/2006           The Velvet Teen                                                                          

               10/5/2006           Okkervil River w/ Elvis Perkins                                                                

               10/6/2006           Limbeck w/ The Etiquette and High Lonesome                                                                

               10/7/2006           InPulse                                                             

               10/9/2006           Mark Kozelek (of Sun Kil Moon) w/ Corrina Rep                                                              

               10/10/2006         The Yellow Umbrella Tour w/ Kaki King                                                              

               10/15/2006         Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes) w/ Scott Lucas (Local H)                                                 

               10/16/2006         Danny Wolf (of Small Towns)                                                                  

               10/20/2006         Charlotte Martin w/ Griffin House                                                                       

               10/21/2006         Viva Voce w/ Silversun Pickups and The Kingdom                                                           

               10/25/2006         Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers w/ Tyler Hilton                                                                   

               10/28/2006         Watermelon Slim                                                                        

               10/31/2006         Anathallo w/ Page France and Caleb Engstrom                                                               

               11/3/2006           Vienna Teng w/ Cary Judd                                                                       

               11/8/2006           Will Hoge w/ Backyard Tire Fire                                                             

               11/11/2006         Oh My God w/ Dead Girls Ruin Everything and North of Grand                                  

               11/30/2006         Bound Stems w/ Rahim                                                             

               12/1/2006           The Wood Brothers w/ Seth Walker                                                                    

               12/2/2006           Lesser Known Saint w/ Cassanatra                                                                       

               12/13/2006         An evening with Robin & Linda Williams                                                            


               1/11/2007           An evening with Bo Ramsey                                                                    

               2/2/2007             Pieta Brown                                                                   

               2/5/2007             Matt Wertz w/ Jon McLaughlin and Alternate Routes                                                   

               2/6/2007             Kevin Devine w/ Jennifer O'Connor, Koufax and Pablo                                                  

               2/9/2007             Rhett Miller w/ Fightin' Side                                                                   

               2/11/2007           Brazil w/ Forgive Durden and Wax on Radio                                                                    

               2/16/2007           Midlake w/ St. Vincent                                                              

               2/18/2007           An evening with Willy Porter                                                                  

               2/20/2007           Superdanger w/ Breaking Even                                                              

               2/23/2007           Haley Bonar w/ Mario Iñiguez                                                                

               2/27/2007           The Apples in Stereo w/ Casper & the Cookies and Radio Moscow                             

               3/1/2007             An evening with Pumptown                                                                    

               3/2/2007             General Sherman w/ If Ever Was A Fire and Fuzzy Math                                               

               3/5/2007             Monroe Crossing                                                                         

               3/8/2007             Steel Train w/ Death Ships                                                                       

               3/27/2007           James Hunter w/  Serena Ryder                                                             

               3/29/2007           Joe Price w/  BeJae Fleming                                                                    

               3/31/2007           The Hudsons w/ Jeff D. Johnson                                                            

               4/5/2007             Baby Teeth w/ The Changes                                                                    

               4/7/2007             Rocky Votolato w/ Drag The River, Owen and Street To Nowhere                             

               4/9/2007             Limbeck w/ Hot Rod Circuit and The Forecast                                                                 

               4/12/2007           John Vanderslice w/ St. Vincent                                                             

               4/13/2007           Bernard Allison                                                             

               8/24/2007           Saint Radar w/ The Lone Strangers and SNAFU                                                               

               8/31/2007           Eric Hutchinson                                                             

               9/3/2007             Limbeck w/ Rueben's Accomplice                                                                        

               9/7/2007             Parts For All Makes w/ These Modern Stars                                                                     

               9/12/2007           Jesse Harris w/ Swatie                                                               

               9/14/2007           The Besnard Lakes w/ Starvin Hungry                                                                 

               9/20/2007           Just Surrender w/ We The Kings and Metro Station                                                       

               9/21/2007           Pensive w/ A Verse Unsung and Fightin Blind                                                                  

               9/22/2007           The Poison Control Center (CD Release Show) w/ One For the Team                             

               9/26/2007           The Wildbirds w/  Architects                                                                   

               9/27/2007           The Horsefeathers w/ Johanna Kunin                                                                  

               9/28/2007           Chris Beard                                                                    

               9/29/2007           Pieta Brown w/ The Pines                                                                        

               10/4/2007           The Helio Sequence w/ Slaraffenland                                                                  

               10/5/2007           The Blend w/ Aeon Grey and Cleo's Apartment                                                               

               10/12/2007         Tim Williams w/ Return of Simple                                                                        

               10/18/2007         Eric Person w/ The Birks Qunitet                                                                          

               10/19/2007         Lucy Kaplansky                                                              

               10/23/2007         The Birks Quintet                                                                        

               10/27/2007         The Forecast w/ Blackpool Lights and Edison Glass                                                        

               11/1/2007           The Mobius Band w/ Tiger City                                                              

               11/2/2007           Casper & the Cookies w/ The Icicles                                                                    

               11/5/2007           Robyn Hitchcock w/ Sean Nelson                                                                         

               11/7/2007           Vallela Vallela w/ Leslie & the Ly's                                                                       

               11/8/2007           The Thermals w/ Reporter                                                                       

               11/10/2007         Ari Hest w/ Mike Errico and Why Make Clocks                                                                

               11/25/2007         Mae w/ Adelynne                                                                        

               11/30/2007         An evening with Pumptown                                                                    

               12/7/2007           The Eight: Reindeer Monologues                                                                          

               12/8/2007           The Eight: Reindeer Monologues                                                                          


               2/21/2008           Carrie Rodriguez w/ The Pines                                                                

               2/23/2008           Michael Young w/ Michael Whisler                                                                      

               2/24/2008           The A-Sides w/ Division Day                                                                    

               2/27/2008           Five Times August w/ Caleb Engstrom                                                                

               2/28/2008           Poetry Slam                                                                   

               2/29/2008           David Zollo Band w/ Sandy Dyas Art Show, BeJae Fleming and Radislav Lorkovic              

               3/1/2008             The Greencards                                                            

               3/6/2008             Dirty Little Rabbits w/ Ludo and You, Me and Everyone We Know                             

               3/7/2008             Lulu LaFever                                                                  

               3/8/2008             The Poison Control Center w/ Hallelujah the Hills                                                          

               3/13/2008           Xiu Xiu w/ Thao Nguyen                                                            

               3/27/2008           ISU Theatre Presents Anton & Show Business                                                                  

               3/28/2008           ISU Theatre Presents Anton & Show Business                                                                  

               3/29/2008           ISU Theatre Presents Anton & Show Business                                                                  

               3/30/2008           ISU Theatre Presents Anton & Show Business                                                                  

               4/1/2008             Tristan Prettyman w/ Whitley                                                                

               4/4/2008             Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               4/5/2008             Kyler England w/ Ellery                                                              

               4/16/2008           Pattern Is Movement                                                                 

               4/26/2008           Stuart Davis                                                                   

               8/29/2008           Four Word Cause w/ Starlit Platoon and Finding the Warren                                      

               8/30/2008           Paper Mache w/ Jade Lea                                                                       

               9/3/2008             Dear & the Headlights w/ What Laura Says                                                                      

               9/4/2008             Dosh w/ Alpha Consumer                                                                        

               9/6/2008             Ryan Horne                                                                    

               9/11/2008           The Dutchess and the Duke w/ Wye Oak                                                           

               9/13/2008           Oxford Collapse w/ Love as Laughter                                                                  

               9/16/2008           Rock Plaza Central                                                                      

               9/17/2008           Thao and the Get Down Stay Down                                                                     

               9/19/2008           Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip                                                                    

               9/20/2008           The Blend w/ Aeon Grey and Touchnice                                                             

               9/23/2008           The Dead Science w/ Cataldo                                                                 

               9/25/2008           Elsinore                                                            

               9/27/2008           Golden                                                             

               10/2/2008           Mike Relm                                                                     

               10/3/2008           Will Bernard                                                                  

               10/7/2008           Cappadonna (of Wu Tang Clan)                                                             

               10/9/2008           Matt Wertz w/ Andy Davis                                                                      

               10/11/2008         Seabird w/ The Mouse & the Bull                                                                         

               10/13/2008         Evangelicals w/ The Parenthetical Girls                                                               

               10/17/2008         1997 w/ Skypiper                                                                        

               10/18/2008         The New Year w/ The Uglysuit                                                               

               10/21/2008         Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers w/ Serena Ryder                                                                

               10/24/2008         Joe & Vicki Price w/ Matt Woods & the Thunderbolts                                                    

               10/25/2008         Arizona                                                            

               10/28/2008         Jonathan Richman                                                                      

               10/29/2008         Jon McLaughlin                                                             

               11/1/2008           Pieta Brown w/ Joe Pug                                                            

               11/6/2008           The Greencards                                                            

               11/8/2008           Oh My God w/ Baby Teeth                                                                      

               11/10/2008         Carrie Rodriguez w/ Romantica                                                             

               11/16/2008         Bishop Allen w/ The Electric Owls and The Republic Tigers                                          

               11/22/2008         Ministry of Magic w/ Whomping Willows and Justin Finch Fletchley                             

               12/6/2008           Mae w/ Seabird                                                            


               1/16/2009           Dirty Little Rabbits                                                                      

               1/17/2009           Leslie & the Ly's                                                           

               1/21/2009           Annuals w/ Jessica Lee Mayfield and What Laura Says                                                  

               1/23/2009           Frightened Rabbit w/ Right on Dynamite and Arc In Round                                         

               1/30/2009           Death From Below Poetry Slam                                                             

               1/31/2009           The Virgins w/ Lissy Trullie and Anya Marina                                                                   

               2/4/2009             Tapes 'n Tapes w/ Wild Light                                                                  

               2/6/2009             The Envy Corps w/ The Greycoats                                                                        

               2/7/2009             Wade Bowen                                                                

               2/12/2009           Young Coyotes w/ Charn                                                                          

               2/19/2009           ISU Theatre presents Open Road                                                                         

               2/20/2009           ISU Theatre presents Open Road                                                                         

               2/21/2009           ISU Theatre presents Open Road                                                                         

               2/22/2009           ISU Theatre presents Open Road                                                                         

               2/23/2009           Andy McKee w/ Michael Whisler                                                                          

               2/24/2009           Jazz Combo Night- Michelle Amador                                                                   

               2/26/2009           The Explorers Club                                                                      

               3/3/2009             Po' Girl w/ Parish Festival and Anais Mitchell                                                                   

               3/4/2009             The Acadmey Is... w/ Chases River & Evan Taubenfield                                                 

               3/7/2009             Letho & Wright                                                             

               3/8/2009             Cheryl Wheeler                                                             

               3/14/2009           Willy Porter                                                                   

               3/22/2009           RedGorilla Music Fest (3 day festival)                                                                  

               3/23/2009           RedGorilla Music Fest (3 day festival)                                                                  

               3/24/2009           RedGorilla Music Fest (3 day festival)                                                                  

               3/27/2009           Handsome Furs w/ The Cinnamon Band                                                             

               4/1/2009             Natalie Gelman                                                             

               4/3/2009             Bonnie Koloc                                                                 

               4/11/2009           The Anytime                                                                  

               4/21/2009           Jazz Combo Night- The Rick Haydon Group                                                                       

               4/30/2009           ISU Theatre presents Vinegar Tom                                                                      

               5/1/2009             ISU Theatre presents Vinegar Tom                                                                      

               5/2/2009             ISU Theatre presents Vinegar Tom                                                                      

               5/3/2009             ISU Theatre presents Vinegar Tom                                                                      

               8/29/2009           Bombardier w/ SNAFU, Atombender and Super Robot Baby                                       

               9/4/2009             Willy Porter                                                                   

               9/6/2009             Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros                                                                 

               9/11/2009           Woods w/ Wet Hair                                                                   

               9/16/2009           The Anytime w/ Four Letter Lie                                                             

               9/17/2009           House of Heroes w/ The Wedding and Abandon Kansas                                               

               9/18/2009           Sing for China Tour feat. Hedgehog w/ Queen Sea Big Shark and Casino Demon   

               9/19/2009           Empires w/ Bad Flirt                                                                   

               9/20/2009           Between the Trees w/ Farewell, Punchline and Action Item                                        

               9/22/2009           Truth & Salvage Co. w/ Dave Helmer                                                                   

               9/25/2009           Barely Blind w/The Promise Hero and Lancelot                                                               

               9/26/2009           The Greencards                                                            

               9/29/2009           Lisa Donnelly w/ Mario Iñiguez                                                              

               10/2/2009           Cheryl Wheeler w/ Kenny White                                                                          

               10/3/2009           Wade Bowen w/ Shaye Lynch                                                                

               10/4/2009           Aushua                                                             

               10/8/2009           Radio Moscow w/ The Entrance Band                                                                 

               10/11/2009         Vienna Teng w/ Ellery                                                                

               10/16/2009         Jonah Smith w/ Julie Hallman                                                                 

               10/17/2009         Mindy Smith w/ Erick Baker                                                                    

               10/21/2009         Robin & Linda Williams and their Fine Group                                                                   

               10/26/2009         Great Lake Swimmers w/ Wooden Birds                                                            

               10/27/2009         Locksley w/ Civil Twilight                                                                         

               10/29/2009         Awesome New Republic w/ Asteroid Pinball Machine                                                   

               11/1/2009           fun. w/ Volcano Boys                                                                 

               11/4/2009           Ministry of Magic w/ Whomping Willows and Justin Finch Fletchley                             

               11/7/2009           Enter the Haggis                                                                         

               11/14/2009         These United States w/ Frontier Ruckus                                                             

               11/16/2009         Dirty Dozen Brass Band                                                             

               11/17/2009         Will Hoge w/ Charlie Mars                                                                       

               11/20/2009         Ari Hest w/ Declan O'Rourke                                                                  

               11/30/2009         Works Progress Administration                                                              

               12/3/2009           Mike Giles (M-Shop 35th Anniversary Celebration)                                                                       

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