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Student Engagement


Year:         Date:                Event:                                                                                                                                                


               1/22/2010           Don Chani                                                                      

               1/27/2010           Serena Ryder w/ Matt Lowell                                                                 

               1/28/2010           Garnet Rogers                                                              

               1/30/2010           A.A. Bondy w/ Willy Mason                                                                     

               2/4/2010             Joaquin Zihuatenejo: I Slam; Therefore, I Am: A Might of Chicano Poetry                 

               2/11/2010           The Vagina Monologues                                                           

               2/12/2010           The Vagina Monologues                                                           

               2/19/2010           Cracker w/ Brandi Shearer                                                                       

               2/22/2010           Guggenheim Grotto w/ Tiger Cooke                                                                    

               2/23/2010           This Time Next Year w/ Sons & Heirs, Let's Be Friends and Classic In the Making        

               2/25/2010           Comedian: Reese Waters                                                                         

               2/26/2010           The Envy Corps w/ Skypiper                                                                    

               2/28/2010           Richard Shindell w/ Antje Duvekot                                                                       

               3/4/2010             The Nadas                                                                      

               3/8/2010             Howie Day w/ Matt Lowell                                                                      

               3/11/2010           Comedian: Nikki Glaser                                                             

               3/12/2010           Action Item w/ Strawberry Tree, Super Robot Baby and Paul Higgins                             

               3/14/2010           Bowerbirds w/ Why Make Clocks                                                                         

               4/1/2010             Jazz Night feat. New Tricks w/ Mike Lee                                                             

               4/2/2010             Bonnie Koloc                                                                 

               4/3/2010             Ryan Horne w/ Matthew Davies                                                            

               4/5/2010             Har Mar Superstar w/ Christopher the Conquered                                                         

               4/8/2010             Lucy Kaplansky                                                              

               4/10/2010           The Morning Benders w/ Miniature Tigers                                                                       

               4/11/2010           Gregory Alan Isakov w/ Justin Yap                                                                       

               5/2/2010             Jazz Night feat. Mike Giles 3x5                                                               

               8/27/2010           Eggs w/ Polis and Sons & Heirs                                                               

               9/3/2010             The Envy Corps w/ Cowboy Indian Bear and Canby                                                        

               9/9/2010             Crooked Still                                                                  

               9/10/2010           Gold Motel w/ Nuclear Rodeo                                                               

               9/14/2010           Laura Tsaggaris                                                            

               9/18/2010           The Hood Internet                                                                      

               9/19/2010           Dan Licks & the Hot Licks                                                                         

               9/23/2010           The Dangerous Summer w/ Into It Over It and Soletta                                                  

               9/24/2010           Empires w/ Modern Day Satire                                                              

               10/2/2010           Dazy Head Mazy                                                                          

               10/3/2010           Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers w/ Sara Watkins and Roy Jay                                         

               10/7/2010           The Poison Control Center                                                                      

               10/8/2010           Patty Larkin w/ Birdsong at Morning                                                                   

               10/9/2010           Oh My God w/ Christopher the Conquered                                                                      

               10/10/2010         Eli "Paperboy" Reed & the True Loves                                                                

               10/15/2010         Megan James w/ Down the Line                                                            

               10/16/2010         Comedian: Kyle Kinane                                                              

               10/19/2010         Tyler Hilton w/ Josiah Leming                                                                 

               10/22/2010         Canby w/ Skypiper and Justin Yap                                                                        

               10/23/2010         Lulu LaFever                                                                  

               10/26/2010         Arms                                                                 

               10/27/2010         The Wood Brothers w/ Patrick Sweany                                                               

               10/29/2010         Mae & Windsor Drive w/ Terrible Things                                                                          

               11/1/2010           Jeni & Billy                                                                     

               11/4/2010           Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin w/ Lonely Forest                                                

               11/5/2010           Megan McCormick                                                                     

               11/11/2010         Seaton Smith                                                                 

               11/12/2010         Fundamental Elements                                                              

               11/13/2010         Catie Curtis                                                                    

               11/14/2010         The Romany Rye                                                                         

               11/15/2010         The Green River Ordinance                                                                     

               11/19/2010         The Greencards                                                            


               2/5/2011             Cotton Jones w/ Midwest Dilemma                                                                     

               2/9/2011             Hoots & Hellmouth w/ The Giving Tree Band                                                                   

               2/12/2011           The Blend w/ Lazlo Supreme and The Workshy                                                               

               2/13/2011           House of Heroes                                                                         

               2/14/2011           Ingram Hill w/ Chamberlin                                                                       

               2/16/2011           Truth and Salvage Co.                                                               

               2/17/2011           Comedian Ben Kronberg                                                                          

               2/18/2011           Jason Reeves w/ Joey Ryan                                                                     

               2/19/2011           Julian Lage Group w/ ISU Jazz Combo                                                                 

               2/23/2011           Ben Rector w/ Steve Moakler                                                                 

               2/24/2011           Peppino D'Agostino                                                                    

               3/1/2011             Glen David Andrews & the Lazy Six                                                                      

               3/2/2011             Sent by Ravens w/ Life On Repeat                                                                        

               3/4/2011             Ry Cuming                                                                      

               3/5/2011             Menomena w/ Maps & Atlases                                                              

               3/6/2011             The River Monks w/ Strong Like Bear                                                                  

               3/10/2011           E.C. Scott                                                                        

               3/22/2011           The Rural Alberta Advantage w/ Jamse Vincent McMorrow                                        

               3/24/2011           Comedian Rob O'Reilly                                                              

               3/28/2011           Willy Porter                                                                   

               3/29/2011           State Rado w/ The Golden Dogs                                                            

               4/3/2011             Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               4/8/2011             Thompson Square                                                                      

               4/20/2011           Tyrone Wells w/ David Zollo                                                                   

               4/21/2011           The Civil Wars w/ Arum Rae and White Dress                                                                  

               8/26/2011           Parlours w/ Jordan Mayland                                                                   

               9/1/2011             Former Thieves w/ Omen and Approaching Nain                                                           

               9/8/2011             Uncle Lucius w/ Dave Beck                                                                      

               9/9/2011             Larkin Poe w/ Elizabeth Arynn                                                                

               9/14/2011           BRAIDS w/ Pepper Rabbit and Painted Palms                                                                   

               9/15/2011           Milk Carton Kids w/ Tom Brosseau                                                                      

               9/16/2011           Empires w/ Love Songs for Lonely Monsters and Volcano Boys                                  

               9/17/2011           Skypiper w/ Cashes Rivers and Luke Pettipoole (of The Envy Corps)                             

               9/19/2011           Blitz the Ambassador w/ The Blend                                                                     

               9/20/2011           Gardens & Villa w/ Youth Lagoon                                                                        

               9/21/2011           Poet George Watsky                                                                  

               9/22/2011           The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt w/ Mark Mallman and Little Ruckus                             

               9/23/2011           Derek Lambert & the Prairie Fires w/ Andrew Lopez, The Olympics and Fierce


               9/27/2011           Deas Vail w/ The Rouge                                                            

               9/30/2011           Elenowen w/ Griffen Alexander                                                             

               10/7/2011           Will Hoge                                                                       

               10/8/2011           Those Darlins abd Peelander-Z w/ So Much Fun                                                             

               10/9/2011           Passafire                                                                         

               10/10/2011         Mike Mains & the Branches w/ Ocean is Theory                                                             

               10/13/2011         Pieta Brown                                                                   

               10/15/2011         Lake Street Dive w/ Ladysoal                                                                  

               10/18/2011         Cymbals Eat Guitars w/ Hooray for Earth                                                                          

               10/21/2011         Joe Jack Talcum & the Powders w/ Samuel Locke Ward Lo-Fi Spectacular and


               10/24/2011         Hawthorne Heights w/ ViFolly                                                                

               10/27/2011         KURE Fest- Neon Indian and Kreayshawn                                                                          

               10/28/2011         Gregory Alan Isakov w/ Justin Yap                                                                       

               11/2/2011           Murs w/ Tabi Booney, Ski Beatz & the Sensels, McKenzie Eddy, Sean O'Connell

      and Da$h                                                                        

               11/3/2011           Comedian Hannibal Buress                                                                      

               11/6/2011           Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter w/ Land of Blood and Sunshine                             

               11/10/2011         The Devil Makes Three w/ Brown Birds                                                              

               11/12/2011         Eddie Shaw & the Wolf Gang                                                                  

               11/15/2011         Har Mar Superstar w/ Lane Weaver                                                                    

               11/17/2011         The Greencards                                                            

               11/18/2011         Dave Zollo and the Body Electric                                                                          

               12/1/2011           The Fling and Yukon Band                                                                       

               12/2/2011           Jeremy Messersmith                                                                  

               12/3/2011           S. Carey w/ The River Monks                                                                  


               1/13/2012           Gabe Dixon and Lelia Broussard                                                             

               1/14/2012           The Envy Corps w/ Skypiper                                                                    

               1/15/2012           Dia Frampton                                                                

               1/20/2012           Ames Winter Classic I feat. Mumford's w/ Nuclear Rodeo, Trouble Lights and

      Trey LaTrash                                                                  

               1/25/2012           The Asia Project                                                           

               1/26/2012           Tomorrow's Bad Seeds w/ Pacific Dub                                                                

               1/27/2012           The Cab and The Summer Set w/ He Is We, Days Difference and Paradise Fears  

               1/31/2012           Andy Grammer w/ Ryan Star and Rachel Platten                                                            

               2/3/2012             Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt w/ Little Ruckus                                                                    

               2/4/2012             Matthew Santos w/ Briar Rabbit                                                            

               2/7/2012             F. Stokes                                                                         

               2/9/2012             ISU Theatre- Chekhov Short Stories                                                                     

               2/10/2012           ISU Theatre- Chekhov Short Stories                                                                     

               2/11/2012           ISU Theatre- Chekhov Short Stories                                                                     

               2/12/2012           ISU Theatre- Chekhov Short Stories                                                                     

               2/14/2012           Corey Smith w/ Jeremy McComb                                                                         

               2/16/2012           Vagina Monologues                                                                   

               2/17/2012           Vagina Monologues                                                                   

               2/19/2012           Marbin                                                             

               2/23/2012           Abandon Kansas w/ The Olympics                                                                        

               2/25/2012           Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers w/ Chris Koza and Katrina                                               

               3/1/2012             Jared Blake                                                                    

               3/2/2012             Memoryhouse                                                               

               3/3/2012             We Are the Willows w/ The Daredevil Christopher Wright                                           

               3/4/2012             Soul Rebels                                                                    

               3/6/2012             Katie Herzig                                                                   

               3/8/2012             Doomtree                                                                      

               3/10/2012           Saint Motel w/ Empires and Wits                                                                         

               3/22/2012           Jonny Corndawg w/ Shovels & Rope and Elizabeth Arynn                                                            

               3/23/2012           Mansions on the Moon                                                             

               3/25/2012           Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds w/ Ladysoal                                                               

               3/27/2012           Twenty One Pilots w/ Zach Heckendorf                                                              

               3/28/2012           Mike Doughty w/ The Book of Drugs                                                                   

               3/30/2012           Katchafire w/ Common Kings and K'Nova                                                                         

               3/31/2012           Oberhofer w/ Pond                                                                    

               4/5/2012             Gold Motel w/ The Noise FM                                                                  

               4/9/2012             The Lumineers w/ The River Monks                                                                     

               4/10/2012           Good Old War w/ The Belle Brigade and Family of the Year                                        

               4/13/2012           Christopher the Conquered (album release show) w/ Brooks Strause & the Gory

      Details and Sean Huston                                                                          

               4/14/2012           Darrell Scott (album release show) w/ Darden Smith                                                     

               4/23/2012           Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               8/26/2012           Ben Miller Band                                                            

               8/30/2012           Comedian Nick Rutherford                                                                      

               9/5/2012             Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts                                                                       

               9/7/2012             Tribal Seeds w/ Ballyhoo!                                                                        

               9/12/2012           Wallpaper w/ Fast Break                                                                          

               9/13/2012           Jennifer Hall                                                                  

               9/14/2012           Naia Kete w/ Ladysoal                                                               

               9/15/2012           KURE fest feat. Cloud Nothings w/ Chomp                                                                        

               9/20/2012           Delfeayo Marsalis                                                                       

               9/21/2012           Russell Dickerson                                                                        

               9/23/2012           Red Wanting Blue w/ The Real Quaid                                                                  

               9/26/2012           Polica w/ Canon Blue                                                                 

               9/27/2012           Correo Ae'reo                                                               

               10/3/2012           Paper Thick Walls w/ Mutts                                                                    

               10/5/2012           Tony Lucca w/ Gabe Dixon                                                                      

               10/6/2012           Jon McLaughlin                                                             

               10/7/2012           Freelance Whales w/ Geograpaher                                                                      

               10/11/2012         Prof w/ Mike Mictlan and Kris Clarke                                                                  

               10/12/2012         Sidewalk Chalk w/ Kris Clarke                                                                 

               10/16/2012         Frontier Ruckus w/ Buxton                                                                      

               10/18/2012         Comedian Chelsea Peretti                                                                       

               10/21/2012         Aer w/ Yonas, David Dallas and Fast Break                                                                       

               10/28/2012         We Are the In Crowd                                                                 

               11/2/2012           The Envy Corps w/ Great American Desert                                                                       

               11/7/2012           Rogue Valley w/ Derek Lambert                                                             

               11/8/2012           Emerson Hart                                                                

               11/9/2012           Sims (of Doomtree) w/ Mike Mictlan                                                                  

               11/10/2012         Parlours w/ Hemmingbirds                                                                      

               11/15/2012         Passafire w/ TUGG                                                                      

               11/17/2012         The Greencards                                                            

               11/29/2012         Skypiper w/ Canby and The River Monks                                                            

               11/30/2012         Sea Wolf                                                                        

               12/1/2012           Christopher the Conquered and his Black Gold Brass Band w/ Kate



               1/17/2013           Julian Lage                                                                     

               1/18/2013           Snowmine w/ The Olympics                                                                    

               1/19/2013           Ames Winter Classic II feat. Mumford's w/ Surgery/ Peace, Love & Stuff/ Rebel


               1/23/2013           Kopecky Family Band w/ The Eastern Sea                                                                         

               1/25/2013           Sixpence None the Ricker                                                                        

               2/1/2013             Danika Holmes                                                              

               2/2/2013             David Zollo & the Body Electric w/ Dylan Boyle                                                               

               2/8/2013             Erin McKeown w/ Jenn Grant                                                                 

               2/15/2013           The Waymores                                                             

               2/22/2013           Haley Bonar                                                                   

               3/6/2013             The Dangerous Summer w/ Survival Soundtrack and T Shirts 4 Tomorrow          

               3/7/2013             The Giving Tree Band                                                                 

               3/8/2013             John Primer                                                                   

               3/9/2013             ON AN ON                                                                     

               3/10/2013           The4onthefloor w/ The Real Quaid                                                                      

               3/14/2013           Work Drugs                                                                   

               4/2/2013             Hayes Carll w/ The Warren Hood Band                                                               

               4/3/2013             Miracles of Modern Science                                                                    

               4/5/2013             Hey Marseilles w/ Young Buffalo                                                                         

               4/6/2013             The Last Bison                                                               

               4/10/2013           Jefferson Starship                                                                        

               4/11/2013           Kelly Richey                                                                   

               4/13/2013           The Dear Hunter                                                                          

               4/25/2013           Arthur Lipner w/ ISU Jazz                                                                         

               4/27/2013           The Envy Corps                                                             

               8/30/2013           Nappy Roots                                                                 

               9/7/2013             CSS w/ MAIDS and Ellesello                                                                     

               9/11/2013           The Floozies                                                                  

               9/12/2013           Tyler Farr                                                                        

               9/13/2013           Caroline Glaser w/ Max Jury                                                                   

               9/17/2013           Chuck Ragan w/ Jamestown Revival and Gilbert Goldsmith                                         

               9/20/2013           Peelander-Z w/ Karen Meat & the Players                                                                       

               9/21/2013           Hey Ocean!                                                                    

               9/26/2013           Jon McLaughlin                                                             

               9/27/2013           The Hood Internet w/ Oscillator Bug                                                                   

               9/28/2013           Saints of Valory w/ Lost in the Wild                                                                     

               10/4/2013           Aaron Carter (early show)                                                                       

               10/4/2013           Aaron Carter (late show)                                                                          

               10/5/2013           The Tontons w/ Sol Cat                                                             

               10/6/2013           Robin & Linda Williams and Their Fine Group                                                                  

               10/8/2013           LEAGUES w/ The Dig and Skypiper                                                                        

               10/9/2013           Carbon Leaf w/ Logan Brill                                                                      

               10/10/2013         Jim Suhler                                                                       

               10/13/2013         Stephen Kellogg w/ Caroline Brooks                                                                    

               10/16/2013         Tribal Seeds w/ Fortunate Youth and HIRIE                                                                      

               10/17/2013         Crystal Bowersox w/ Anna Rose                                                            

               10/18/2013         KURE fest feat. Yellow Ostrich and Blackbird Blackbird                                                 

               10/19/2013         The Bright Light Social Hour w/ Rebel Creek                                                                    

               10/22/2013         Seabird w/ Abandon Kansas and Clemency                                                                      

               10/25/2013         The Hunts w/ The River Monks                                                              

               11/1/2013           Drop City Yacht Club                                                                  

               11/8/2013           The Ragbirds w/ MaryBeth Doran                                                                        

               11/13/2013         Mississippi Heat                                                                          

               11/15/2013         Corb Lund & the Hurtin' Albertans                                                                       

               11/16/2013         Tonny Lucca & Brendan James w/ Vicci Martinez                                                                           


               1/18/2014           The Lone Bellow w/ Damon Dotson                                                                     

               1/22/2014           The Duhks                                                                      

               1/24/2014           Ames Winter Classic III feat. Mumford's w/ Annalibera, TWINS and Trigger-Fish        

               1/31/2014           Eddie Shaw & the Wolfgang                                                                   

               2/7/2014             Andrew Ripp w/ Judah & the Lion                                                                        

               2/27/2014           Noah Gundersen w/ Armon Jay                                                             

               3/1/2014             The Apache Relay and The Lonely Wild w/ Promised Land Sound                              

               3/5/2014             Mindy Gledhill                                                               

               3/6/2014             James McMurtry                                                                         

               3/7/2014             Skypiper w/ The Kickback                                                                        

               3/8/2014             Griffin House w/ Max Jury                                                                       

               3/28/2014           The Green River Ordinance w/ Elenowen and Marc Scibillia                                        

               3/29/2014           Matt Wertz w/ My Red & Blue                                                               

               4/5/2014             We Are the Willows w/ Christopher the Conquered                                                       

               4/24/2014           Logan Mize                                                                    

               4/25/2014           The Envy Corps w/ MAIDS                                                                       

               4/26/2014           General B & the Wiz w/ Illium and Bull of Arc                                                                  

               4/30/2014           The Steel Wheels                                                                        

               8/29/2014           Steven Cooper                                                              

               9/10/2014           From Indian Lakes                                                                      

               9/11/2014           Zion I and ProbCause                                                                 

               9/12/2014           Lenny Cooper                                                               

               9/16/2014           SKATERS                                                                         

               9/19/2014           Meiko                                                               

               9/20/2014           Crystal Bowersox w/ John Mark Nelson                                                              

               9/24/2014           Steve Poltz                                                                     

               9/26/2014           Harold Lopez-Nussa                                                                   

               10/3/2014           KURE Fest                                                                       

               10/4/2014           KURE Fest                                                                       

               10/8/2014           Bubba Sparxxx                                                              

               10/9/2014           Stick Figure w/ Pacific Dub and HIRIE                                                                  

               10/18/2014         Gardens & Villa w/ Alex G                                                                       

               10/22/2014         Passafire w/ TUGG                                                                      

               10/24/2014         Tyler Hilton w/ Leslie DiNicola                                                               

               10/25/2014         Willie Watson w/ Mikaela Davis                                                            

               10/26/2014         Set It Off w/ Ill Way                                                                    

               10/30/2014         The Dodos w/ John June Year                                                                 

               11/5/2014           James Armstrong                                                                        

               11/7/2014           L.A. Price                                                                        

               11/9/2014           Robin & Linda Williams                                                              

               11/10/2014         Chadwick Stokes w/ Ark Life                                                                   

               11/12/2014         Judah & the Lion w/ Joseph                                                                    

               11/14/2014         Anna Nalick w/ Leslie DiNicola                                                               

               12/6/2014           Drew Baldridge w/ Cody Hicks Band and Maria Doud                                                                   


               1/16/2015           The Pines w/ Andy Fleming                                                                     

               1/17/2015           Ames Winter Classic IV feat. Mumford's w/ Extravision, Mr. Nasti and Trigger-           


               1/23/2015           Christopher the Conquered w/ Brooks Strause and Derek Lambert                             

               1/29/2015           John June Year w/ The Olympics and The Maytags                                                        

               1/31/2015           Gabe Dixon w/ Jordan & Brittney                                                                         

               2/5/2015             The Kinsey Report w/ Dylan Boyle                                                                       

               2/6/2015             Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers                                                                      

               2/7/2015             John Mark Nelson w/ Molly & Deanna                                                                

               2/13/2015           Bonne Finken & the Collective                                                               

               2/20/2015           Catfish & the Bottlemen w/ Wild Party                                                               

               2/26/2015           Mipso w/ Paul Doffing                                                               

               3/4/2015             Aaron Carter w/ Lineup Atlantic                                                            

               3/6/2015             Hippo Campus w/ Grand Courriers                                                                       

               3/28/2015           Sonny Knight & the Lakers                                                                      

               4/2/2015             The Last Bison w/ Neulore                                                                       

               4/7/2015             Oh Honey w/ PUBLIC and Nick Santino                                                               

               4/11/2015           On An On w/ MAIDS                                                                   

               4/15/2015           Shook Twins w/ Extravision                                                                     

               4/17/2015           Tiny Moving Parts w/ Everyday Adventures and Square States                                   

               4/18/2015           Matt Hires w/ My Red & Blue                                                                 

               4/23/2015           Esme Patterson w/ Nate Logsdon                                                                        

               4/24/2015           Tony Lucca w/ Anna Rose and Castle Creek                                                                      

               4/25/2015           CHON w/ Pierre                                                            

               8/28/2015           Noah Guthrie                                                                 

               9/2/2015             Northern Faces w/ Modern Chemistry                                                                

               9/3/2015             Finish Ticket                                                                  

               9/11/2015           ProbCause w/ Saba and The O'My's                                                                     

               9/17/2015           Gallant w/ Blackbear                                                                  

               9/18/2015           Matt Easton w/ Mars Meusic                                                                  

               9/24/2015           Holy White Hounds w/ Sleep Study                                                                      

               9/25/2015           Mike Mains & the Branches                                                                    

               9/26/2015           The Special Consensus                                                               

               10/2/2015           MAIDS                                                              

               10/10/2015         Hayes Carll w/ Aubrie Sellers                                                                  

               10/14/2015         The Ragbirds                                                                 

               10/20/2015         The Sheepdogs w/ Radio Moscow                                                                       

               10/23/2015         Field Division w/ Dylan Sires & Neighbors                                                                         

               10/24/2015         Red Wanting Blue w/ Derik Hultquist                                                                  

               11/3/2015           Lazer Lloyd                                                                    

               11/5/2015           David Ryan Harris w/ Tyler Lyle                                                              

               11/7/2015           Family of the Year w/ Kaleo                                                                    

               11/11/2015         Uncle Lucius w/ Nate Logsdon                                                               

               11/13/2015         Drew Baldridge                                                             

               12/3/2015           The Gibson Brothers                                                                  


               1/15/2016           Ames Winter Classic V feat. Mumford's w/ TWINS, Pelvis and Kickstart the Sun

               1/28/2016           The Knocks w/ Cardiknox                                                                         

               2/12/2016           Andrew Ripp w/ Swear & Shake and Act As If                                                                  

               2/13/2016           Buckwheat Zydeco                                                                     

               2/17/2016           Robin & Linda Williams                                                              

               2/19/2016           Stephen Kellogg                                                                          

               2/26/2016           Holy White Hounds w/ Dylan Sires & Neighbors and Pelvis                                          

               2/27/2016           The Ready Set w/ Halfloves (formerly The Olympics)                                                     

               3/3/2016             David Ramirez w/ Lucette                                                                        

               3/24/2016           Eli "Paperboy" Reed w/ Jeremy & the Harlequins                                                           

               4/1/2016             Christopher the Conquered w/ Gloom Balloon and TWINS                                          

               4/7/2016             Brandy Clark w/ Dan Tedesco                                                                 

               4/8/2016             Keith Scott w/ Dylan Boyle and ISU Jam Band                                                                  

               4/9/2016             Penny & Sparrow w/ Corey Kilgannon                                                                 

               4/22/2016           General B & the Wiz w/ The Weathered Heads                                                               

               4/23/2016           Bob Schneider   

               8/26/2016           Sinclair                                                             

               8/27/2016           Scream Out Loud w/ The Offer and Kickstart the Sun                                                    

               9/14/2016           Rusty Wright Band w/ Dan Tedesco                                                     

               9/15/2016           Dee-1 w/ RaJan and Echo                                                                        

               9/17/2016           Eisley w/ Merriment                                     

               9/23/2016           Brady Toops w/ Harbor & Home                                             

               9/26/2016           Ra Ra Riot w/ SIRES                                                     

               10/12/2016         Swear & Shake and Lauren Shera                                                          

               10/13/2016         Liz Longley w/ Anthony D’Amato                                            

               10/15/2016         Rasputina w/ Vita & the Woolf   

               10/21/2016         Halfloves w/ Doctor Murdock and Volcano Boys

               10/22/2016         SALES w/ Basin

               10/26/2016         Hawthorne Heights w/ Convictions and In Her Own Words

               11/4/2016           Red Wanting Blue

               11/5/2016           Trails & Ways

               11/9/2016           River Whyless w/ Elise Davis

               11/11/2016         The Lonely Biscuits w/ Live Broadcast

               11/12/2016         Russell Dickerson w/ Megan & Liz

               12/1/2016           Sara Watkins

               12/3/2016          David Zollo & the Body Electric w/ Adam Bruce


               1/20/2017          Ames Winter Classic VI feat. Gloom Balloon, Ebony Tusks, and Mumbi Kasumba

               2/1/2017            Aaron Carter w/ Nikki's Wives

               2/3/2017            Rainbow Kitten Surprise w/ Caamp

               2/4/2017            Studebaker John

               2/9/2017            Landlady w/ Basin

               2/15/2017          Ne-Hi w/ SIRES

               3/4/2017            Dan Tedesco w/ Fred Love

               3/24/2017          The Way Down Wanderers w/ Ben Schrag & the Cautionaries

               3/30/2017          Kawehi w/ Iris Hyde

               4/1/2017            The Pines w/ Ryne Doughty

               4/2/2017            Joshua James w/ Timmy the Teeth

               4/7/2017            Christopher the Conquered w/ TWINS and Bleujack

               4/19/2017          COIN 

               4/22/2017          Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket)

               4/27/2017          Robin & Linda Williams

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