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Pairing A - Next Top Broadway Star: A Battle for the Spotlight

Riley is new to the broadway scene. He/She has just gotten the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage in town and knows that the pressure is high. He/She has one shot... This moment can make or break them. As the performance begins, everything goes out the window. Riley blows his/her chance and becomes the laughing stock of Broadway. Flash forward a few months and Riley gets the chance to audition for an up and coming production that is coming to town, however, there is a new kid on the block. Jessie is an up and coming star and is out for blood when it comes to being a star. They both want to audition for the lead in the new production that is coming to town, but only one can have it! It is a fight for the spotlight! Who will come out on top and star in the big production? Will Riley have another disastrous performance and let this opportunity slip out of his/her hands, or will this be Riley’s chance to “Step into Stardom” once and for all?

Pairing B: Lights, Camera, Action!

The scene starts with the protagonist at a podium giving a commencement speech for receiving his/her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (speech directed toward audience). Tells story about how high school, college, and post-grad struggles got him/her to where he/she is today. It changes from the speech to a flashback to high school where the protagonist tries out for the basketball team, fails, but decides he/she won’t give up on finding him/herself. Goes back to the commencement speech to introduce college years. Flashes back to college years where the protagonist is asked to join Varieties. He/she is iffy about it, but ends up doing it and lands a lead role. Meets the opposite lead and they sing a duet, and they fall in love. They both realize a passion for singing and decide to go and live in New York post-graduation. 

Pairing C: The Final Rose

This isn’t your everyday Varieties show! Instead, our show is filled with love, drama, stardom, and maybe a start to a beautiful relationship. What show entails all of these qualities? The Bachelor: The Final Rose.

< id="docs-internal-guid-c2172217-0594-2161-f2e8-c18223e28952">Chris Harrison will start by talking to our Bachelor, Jack, about how his journey on the show started. Then we go back to the first day, nerves are setting for Jack, and the women are getting ready to step out of the limo. Then starts the song “Marry You”.  Jack gets a lot of help from his past Bachelor friends, and he discovers love after meeting some wonderful women. With this he decides to go on a group date to get to know the women a little bit better. A couple of women automatically make a great first impression. Whitney, a peppy girl who’s ready to step into stardom, and Emma, a beautiful girl who is ready to find love. The go on a group date and start to feel emotions with the song “L-O-V-E”. However, many are worried that Whitney is just not there for the right reasons, and tension starts to form on the show. Emma is worried that she actually did find true love with Jack, and is worried that Whitney will take advantage of Jack just to become famous. Emma then starts to reveal Whitney’s true colors with the song “Show me how you Burlesque”. When Jack hears about how Whitney feels towards being on the show, Jack becomes hesitant and doesn’t know who to choose. Emma’s feelings are hurt and Jack gets confused.

Pairing D: Heros

All Shelley wants is to be adopted by a family. After yet another birthday spent in the orphanage, a timid and disheartened Shelley drifts into a daydream in which she dreams of having the perfect family she has always longed for. This daydream world is filled with superheroes and supervillains, who guide Shelley in her quest to find the true meaning of family. As she steps into stardom, Shelley not only finds a family, but also finds herself. Through trials and triumphs, Shelley’s birthday wish might actually come true.

Pairing E: The Limit Does Not Exist

On May 25, 1961 John F. Kennedy announced that the United States of America would go to the moon. In a mysterious, and action packed adventure, we surround ourselves in a show filled with science and sonatas. When a scientist mysteriously disappears, and the launch coordinates that only HE possesses are encrypted with a password, NASA must get in contact with the scientists only living relative; their son/daughter. However, the son/daughter has no insight into the space continuum or their scientist fathers work. The kid has three passwords left. Will they be able to step into (the) stardom and solve the mystery of the disappearance? Will the United States get to space? Tune in to see the song-filled story you didn’t know about the Apollo 7 mission.

Pairing F: A Tripp To Remember

Tripp, a born and raised country boy turned a self-centered pop music star, gets a call from his father during a show telling him that his Grandmother Ethel, who instilled his love of music in him, has Alzheimer’s Disease and she is quickly declining. Tripp’s dad asks him to come back to their small town and see if he can help bring Ethyl back to them. Tripp travels home where he attempts to sing to Grandma Ethyl their old favorite song to see if any memories can be sparked, but she shows no sign of recognition in her eyes. Tripp leaves in frustration and goes downtown to see what changes have occurred since the last time he was home, but along the way he realizes that many townspeople aren’t as happy to see him as he thought. He arrives at a small shop downtown, and when he enters, he runs into who else but his old high school love, Daisy. While catching up, Tripp explains to Daisy the situation of his Grandmother, and Daisy explains how she is the choir director at the local high school, where their program is potentially being cut because of underfunding, but she explains that they’re hosting a benefit concert in hopes of raising enough money to save the program, and that it would be beneficial if Tripp could come and give advice to her kids. Tripp is torn, being stuck between his two lives, so he goes to ask Grandma what he he should be doing, and if he even has the right priorities anymore. Will the music program be saved? Will Tripp return to his old roots? Will Ethyl ever remember Tripp and their shared love for music?

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