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Varieties Lingo

Key Terms (that might be helpful to know!):

  • Varts – Short for Varieties
  • Patents – Skit plot ideas
  • Serenade – The process by which the houses rank each other to determine the pairs. The women serenade the men.
  • Pairings – The various Greek Houses (usually, but anyone can be involved) will be paired according to serenade preferences and numbers of participating members in the house
  • Skits - Pairings of Greek houses (usually, but anyone can be involved) who put on a 20 minute skit with five songs with original lyrics
  • Vignettes – short skits, up to 10 minutes involving any type of talent (singing, dancing, bands, juggling, comedy acts, etc)
  • Exhibition – This occurs after Thanksgiving break, and is a chance for skits to display songs and plot. It is closed to the public and serves as a trial run for the pairings.
  • Semi-Finals – Weekend in February in which each pairing performs twice on either Friday or Saturday. The top pairings will then move on to finals to compete for the top prize
  • Finals – The final show in late February, the best of the best
  • VC – SUB Varieties Committee, the group of students you will work with closely to produce this big event 
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