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Due to low participation trends over the past few years, we are unfortunately are no longer able to continue the Varieties Tradition. 

Since 1931 many students, faculty, and community members have enjoyed the great Iowa State tradition of Varieties. This event is full of many fond memories that will stay with students for the rest of their lives. Putting together and performing a theatrical show with fellow friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity that not everyone gets to experience.  

Over the past years we have witnessed the many talents of the student body. The Varieties tradition truly has lived out its initial purpose of showcasing Iowa State students while providing great entertainment for the rest of the community. Over time, participation in Varieties has dropped.  Due to the lack of participation in Varieties, we are no longer able to continue this great event. We are saddened to see the long-lasting tradition go, but make the decision in honor of the greatness that was Varieties.  

As we look back on the history of Varieties, we want to thank everyone who has participated and supported the tradition over the years. We thank those participants that have given their time, effort, creativity, and expertise in order to not only compete, but to share a message that will connect with the audience that had come to watch. For countless people, Varieties is where they made their lifelong friends and even met their future spouses. While the tradition has run its course, the memories truly will last forever. 



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